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Drop down lists are a good way to present a list of options that users can pick from. To add a drop down list, add mail-option macros inside of the mail-select macro.


  1. Create a mail form and add any macros/fields you require
  2. Add a mail {mail-select} macro and set a name and label


  3. Inside the mail-select macro body, add a {mail-option} macro

    1. Set a name for the list
    2. Set a null label that will be held in the list when the form first loads (optional)
    3. Set a label for the field
    4. Set a description for the field that will appear below the drop down list (optional)

  4. Insert the macro

  5. Inside the Mail Select Macro body, add a {mail-option} macro

  6. In the macro editor, set a value - this will be the value that is sent in the form if this option is select

  7. Add a label inside the Mail Option macro, this will be the label shown for this value in the drop down list

  8. Add further mail option macros for each option you wish to appear in your list

  9. Add any further fields required for your form, including the {mail-submit} macro

  10. Save the page





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