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As a project leader, I want to present several work options to my team so that they can vote on what piece of work we should focus on next. I want this to be entirely anonymous and want users to only vote for one option. I also want to prevent spam voting so that it is fair.

You can utilise Form Mail internally as a means to take into account several different and diverse views. You can make this anonymous so that each vote is considered equally. You can also make use of the spam prevention feature to prevent users from using a bot and maintain fairness.



We are going to be:-

  • Creating a form with a pre-defined subject header so that all mails sent with this form have the same header and are easily distinguished
  • Using Radio buttons to ensure that each mail casts only one vote
  • Using Radio buttons to ensure that there is a pre-defined selection of optios
  • Using entirely anonymous voting so that each vote is considered equally
  • Utilising CAPTCHA to prevent spamming of votes


  • Pre-defined Form Mail and id known
  • SPAM prevention turned on from within conflunece see: Here
  • Space permissions to create and edit pages
  • Pre-defined list of options known (tip: write this down somewhere first!)



  1. Navigate to the page you wish to use for your anonymous voting experiment

  2. Use the mail-form macro and set the destination id i.e. {mail-form:destination = Anon Voting}

  3. Set a subject header using {mail-input}
    • example: {mail-input:type=hidden| name= subject| value = Anonymous Vote!}

  4. Use {info} to create a box and set an appropriate header

    • example: {info:title = Vote on what you would like Project 2 to be}

  5. The remaining macros should go within the info macro

  6. Use the {mail-fieldset} macro to group your options together and set the legend variable appropriately
    • e.g. {mail-fieldset:legend = Which Project Do You Want to Work on Next? | groupFields = true}
    • The fieldset macro groups several options together and allows you to present it as a single question.
    • make sure to set groupFields to true

  7. Add the following macros within the fieldset macro

  8. Use the mail-input macro with type radio to generate a radio button for each option.
    1. Use {mail-input}
    2. From within the editor define the appropriate fields e.g.
      1. type = radio
      2. name = Vote
      3. Value = option 1
      4. Text for Label = Develop new JIRA plugin
    • e.g. {mail-input:type = radio | name = vote | value = option 1 | labelText = Develop new JIRA plugin}
    • Repeat Step 6 until a mail-input macro with a radio button has been created for each option
      n.b. by using values of option 1, 2, 3 etc. instead of the actual text, you can easily re-use this form and simply update the corresponding text for label for each option.

  9. Add a {mail-submit} macro, optionally setting the name of the button
    • e.g. {mail-submit: name = Vote!}

  10. Finally, add the {mail-captcha} macro to enable spam prevention








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