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As a sales manager, I want  clients to be able to leave a Call Back Request for our sales team. I want this to be quick and easy to use so that users can leave a number and a time to contact them. I want my sales team to be able to easily identify the message as a call back request so that these requests are not missed.


Whilst this may not be your exact needs, Form Mail is fantastic at being a simple interface for taking a little bit of input from users, a chunk of information from their profile, and then sending it off to a specific destination, in this case, the sales team


We are going to be:-

  • Using a mandatory field to take a phone number from the users
  • Hiding the destination email and using the email address of a confluence username instead (salesUsername)
  • Setting a subject header for emails sent using the form to make it easy to identify as a Call Back Request
  • Taking the name of the user from their user details. (anonymous users should see the field empty)
  • Select box with 5 options ranging from "now" to "1 hour" and set the default to "1 hour"
  • We'll also add in a specific submit button and a success message



  • Space permissions
  • Username of destination emails


  1. Login to the page you wish to use as a Call Back Request form
  2. Use the {mail-form} macro and set the destination to "-xxx" where xxx is the username, i.e. {mail-form:destination=-salesUsername}

  3. Use {mail-input} to set the input parameters

    1. Type = hidden
    2. name = subject
    3. value = Call Request

  4. Use the {info} macro to let your users know what the mail form is for i.e. {info:Call Request}

  5. Create a field for entering a phone number and make it mandatory field.
    1. Use the {mail-input} macro to create an input field, set name to "phoneNum", set the labelText parameter to "Your Phone Number" and set required to true
      1. {mail-input: name = phoneNum | labelText = Your Phone Number | required = true}

  6. Optional: use the {mail-input} macro and create a field that takes the users name from their Confluence account using the vtlValue
    1. {mail-input:type=text|name=fullName|labelText = Your Name: |vtlValue=$user.fullName}

  7. Now we'll use the {mail-select} macro to create a drop down box with several options
        1. Use {mail-select} and set a name and a label text  i.e. {mail-select:name=eta | labelText = Call me back: }
        2. Inside the mail select markup, use the {mail-option} macro to set the various call back time options
          1. {mail-option:value= 0} Now
          2. {mail-option:value= 5} 5 Minutes
          3. {mail-option:value= 15} 15 Minutes
          4. {mail-option:value= 30} 30 Minutes 
          5. {mail-option:value= 60 | selected = true} 1 Hour
        3. As we're going to have 1 hour as the default option, we'll set selected = true

  8. Use the {mail-submit} macro with a useful name such as "Call me!"
    1. {mail-submit:Call me!}

  9. Set a mail success message using the {mail-success} macro and a the {tip} macro

  10. Save


This form can now be used to take call back requests from Confluence Users which will be sent to the default email address of the salesUsername account.

Full Form


{mail-form:destination=~salesUsername} {mail-input:type=hidden|name=subject|value=Call Request} 

{info:title=Call Request} 
 {mail-input:type=text|name=phoneNum|labelText = Your Phone Number|required=true} 

{mail-input:type=text|name=fullName|labelText = Your Name: |vtlValue=$user.fullName}

{mail-select:name=eta | labelText = When will you be available for a call?} 
  {mail-option:value=5|selected=true}5 minutes{mail-option} 
  {mail-option:value=15|selected=true}15 minutes{mail-option} 
  {mail-option:value=30|selected=true}30 minutes{mail-option} 
  {mail-option:value=60|selected=true}1 hour {mail-option} 
{mail-submit:Call me!} {info}

  {tip:title=Callback Accepted}Thank you for requesting a callback, please expect our call.{tip} 


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