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The Form Mail Inbox is a simple inbox that can be used to collect mail sent using Form Mail for Confluence. It allows you to use Form Mail without even requiring a destination outside of Confluence and lets you store your incoming mail in confluence. You can even use it as a back-up of sent mail, so you can send mail both to a specific email destination and save a copy of the sent mail in Confluence.

To setup an inbox, simply create Form Mail Configuration in the Form Mail administration console with the collector type set to inbox. To save messages in the inbox, use the Form Mail ID for the configuration in a mail-form. All messages sent to that Form Mail ID will be saved in the inbox.


Setting Up A Form Mail Inbox

Creating a Form Mail Inbox is quick and easy and can be done in just a matter of minutes. You can setup as many inbox's as required, with each inbox being independent so your mail remains grouped and specific to the Form ID.


  1. Navigate to the Form Mail administration page in the Confluence admin console

  2. Under the section titled "Form Mail Configuration", select "Add a new Form Mail config

  3. In the "New Form Mail Configuration", set a name for your Form Mail configuration. This will be the Form Mail ID - you will use this name in mail forms

  4. Set the collector type to "Internal Inbox" - this will set mail sent using this form id to be saved in the Form Mail Inbox

  5. Set notification schedule - either Instant or Scheduled
    1. Instant - You will be notified when new mail is sent to the inbox instantly
    2. Scheduled - You will receive a bulk mail notification based on the scheduler. This can be configured from the Confluence scheduler.

  6. (Optional) Set a Description
  7. (Optional) Set a Success Message - this will be shown after mail is submitted. If left blank, the default success message will be shown. Can be overwritten by using the mail-success macro in a mail-form

  8. Save your configuration
  9. You will now see your new Form Mail Configuration saved. You can access to the inbox under the section titled "Operations". 

    To save mail to this inbox, used the Form Mail ID in a mail-form macro or mail-destination macro. For guidance, see documentation using the Form Mail ID to save Mail top the Form Mail Inbox 


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Using the Form Mail ID to save mail to the Form Mail Inbox

Once you've setup a Form Mail Inbox, you can use the Form Mail ID in a mail-form macro or in destination macro. All mail sent to that Form Mail ID will be saved to the Form Mail Inbox. Each Form Mail ID has a unique inbox and you can have several Form Mail Inboxes and keep your mail separate and specific.

  1. If you haven't already, setup a Form Mail Inbox  and note down the From Mail ID

  2. Using the Form Mail ID, create a new mail form (you can update an existing mail form to use this Form Mail ID too) and add Form Mail ID for the inbox as a destination.

  3. To see the senders name or email address in the Mail Box, add a mail-input macro with:
    1. Type set to hidden
    2. The name of the field set to
      • name = from - this will capture the senders email address from their Confluence profile
      • name = fromName - this will capture the senders name from their Confluence profile
    3. Provide a velocity value, his will capture data from the users Confluence profile to be set as the sender of the mail. You can use the following velocity variables
      • $
      • $user.fullName
      • $

  4. Add any further macros you require to create your form.

  5. Save your form



Two Tips

Try using comma separated lists in the destination field of mail-forms, so you can send mails both out to direct email addresses and save the same mail in the inbox too.

You can use Form Mail ID's with the destination macro too

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Accessing & managing mail in the Form Mail Inbox

After you've created your inbox and received mail, you can access the Form Mail Inbox from the Form Mail administration page, or after receiving a notification


Accessing the Inbox

  1. You can access the Form Mail Inbox directly from the Form Mail administration page using the link under "operations"


2.  After receiving a notification of new mail, you can access the specific inbox


Viewing & Deleting Mail

Once you've received mail against a form ID, go to that inbox (shown above) to see all mail for that Form ID. Unread mail is shown in bold, helping you to more easily find mail you haven't read yet. By click on the subject, the mail message will be displayed below the list of mails.

There are simple controls for navigating through mail, either by clicking on each mail by subject, or using the navigation arrows inline with the mail viewer. You can use the pagination controls at the bottom of the list of mail to move through mail faster.

There are simple controls for navigating through mail as well as moving mail to trash in the mail viewer, making it easier to manage your mail in-context.


Deleting Mail

In order to delete mail, first send it to "Trash" and then, if desired, permanently delete mail from "Trash".

You can either send mail to Trash in bulk by selecting the mail from the inbox and sending it to trash, or sending mail to trash individually in the mail viewer.



To permanently delete mail, you can use the same operations in the Trash folder.






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