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The Form submissions can be viewed in the Forms Response Database. The Forms Response Database is a simple repository of saved responses to forms. 

To setup a Internal Response Database, simply create a Form ID Configuration with the collector type set to Response Database. Using this ID as a destination in a Form macro will save a copy of the form submission directly in the response database.

Setting up a Form ID Configuration

Creating an Internal Response Database is quick and easy and can be done in just a matter of minutes. You can setup as many Response Databases as required, with the responses being tied to specific Form ID configurations and each database being independent.


  1. Navigate to the Forms Configurations page clicking the link on the sidebar
  2. Create a new Form ID Configuration for Internal Response Database
  3. You can now use this with your Forms to save responses to the Internal Response Database for that ID

Form Responses

View Data

On submitting a Form, the Form Responses can be found in the Forms Configuration section under Operations.

On clicking Responses, the Form ID creator & administrator can view the submitted responses

You can return to Forms Configurations section by clicking "Back to Forms"

To see the Previous/ Next response in the database, you can click the "Prev" "Next" buttons

Delete Data

In order to delete form submissions, click 'Delete' button link under 'Operations' columns.

Restore Data

When a response has been deleted, it will appear inside the 'Deleted' tab.

In order to restore a submission accidentally deleted, click 'Restore' button link under 'Operations' columns.

Purge Data

When a response has been deleted, it will appear inside the 'Deleted' tab.

To completely remove a submission from Confluence, click 'Delete' button link under 'Operations' columns. On the screen will appear a confirmation dialog, so to confirm the deletion click 'Ok' button.

When the response has been completely removed from Confluence, is not possible to recover it

Exporting Data

Results stored in Confluence can also be exported. This is a simple operation to give you the data in your preferred format.

Currently Supported Export Formats

  • CSV
  • JSON
  • XML

Exporting from the Forms Configurations Page

  1. To export the data, go to the Forms Configurations page and then you can select the "Export" operation

  2. Select the export format

  3. Click "Export" to export the file

  4. The export will automatically download in the selected format

Responses Table

The Responses Table macro should be used when you want your users, or admins to be able to view inbox responses on a page. It lets you quickly set up a table containing all the responses from a specific Form ID, with permissions to allow access to admins or all users.

Sortable table

The columns of the responses table are sortable!


  1. Navigate to the Forms Configurations page clicking the link on the sidebar and edit the Form ID that will be used with the Responses Table macro.
  2. Set the Responses Table Macro permission by selecting Unrestricted or Admin and Space Admin only.

  3. Create a page and add the Responses Table macro.
  4. Insert the Form ID that the Responses Table macro will be associated with.
  5. Show or hide the Form ID label above the Responses Table

  6. Save the macro
  7. A graphical placeholder of the macro will be added to the page.

  8. Save the page to see the final table of responses (each row will contain the values from one response)

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