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Forms for Confluence 

Forms for Confluence Cloud lets you create Forms to increase communication, help teams work together and simplify your workflows and processes directly in Confluence.

Forms for Confluence Cloud is a simple and effective tool for creating Forms directly in your Confluence pages. Responses are stored in the internal database.

About Forms for Confluence 

Forms for Confluence is a simple and effective tool for creating  forms directly in your Confluence, giving users complete control over the fields and their layout. Response to a form can be saved directly in Confluence.

Because it's built in Confluence, you have the ability to autocomplete a logged-in user's details such as their name and email address.

How Does Forms for Confluence Work

Form for Confluence contains several macros that users can use to create a form in a pages. Starting with the overall Forms macro to define your form, you can add any field using the other embedded macros to create a form that is as simple or as sophisticated as you like. Leave your form in a public space or direct people to it for a specific purpose and watch Forms for Confluence collect the information you need to supercharge your processes. With build in administrative controls, you can pre-define the behaviour of forms and easily track where your Forms for Confluence is helping connect information from your users.. 

You can quickly and easily build Forms to help drive your business process, improve communication across your organisation or even help improve the quality of your products and services!


This highly versatile tool gives you extensive control over form creation as well as data collection and management, with the flexibility and power to meet your specific needs. Further information on how to use Forms for Confluence can be found in the documentation.

  • Customisable Forms - Create elegant forms directly in Confluence to gather information. Using several macros is possible to give users complete control over the fields and their layout
  • Input Validation - Validate that the contents of the field meet validation criteria
  • Internal Response Database - Save responses to a form within Confluence
  • Space level administration - Create, edit and delete Form Configurations
  • Customisable Response Templates - Design a template for form submissions, formatting responses to look exactly how you need
  • Seamless integration with Atlassian UI - Designed with Atlassian's Design Guidelines throughout to make forms that feel right at home in Confluence pages

Installation & Licensing

Forms for Confluence is available from the Atlassian Marketplace and can be downloaded directly from the Universal Plugin Manager or from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Plugin Support

We offer plugin related support, Product Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Adaptavist Products and Plugins.



Known Issues/Limitations

Export to PDF Issue

This add-on has a known issue when exporting a Confluence page to PDF. See this page for more details

Forms for Cloud does not have the ability to send emails due to limitations in the Cloud infrastructure. 

If you need more explanation or have any other questions then please contact us.