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As a event organiser, I want to allow users the ability to submit a survey using Forms for Confluence. I want the survey divided into different specific sections and the survey submission must also be recorded locally on confluence in the internal database. 

This scenario describes the possibility to gather information for an event using a survey in Form for Confluence. The user should define the survey based on his needs.


  1. Add a Forms macro to the page and set a destination which can be an email address, Form Mail ID or a Confluence username.
  2. Give a Subject in the Forms Macro.

  3. Inside the Forms macro defines three Forms - Page macros that are going to define three different survey pages in our form.
  4. Set the parameter Page Title to "Employee details" for the first Forms - Page macro
  5. Set the parameter Page Title to "Event Details" for the second Forms - Page macro
  6. Set the parameter Page Title to "Additional Information" for the third Forms - Page macro

  7. Fill your Forms - Page macros with all the fields needed to gather the information for the event (e.g. employee name and surname, event location and time)
  8. Save the page to see the survey within the confluence page



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