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Starting with version 7.0.0 of Forms for Confluence, it is now possible to create form configurations if a user is a space administrator. This allows not only Confluence administrators to manage forms, but also space administrators. Since every user can create his or her own personal space, everyone can create form configurations.

The concept is similar to what is explained in Setup Form ID Configuration. This section is going to highlight the main differences between a Form Configuration created by a space administrator, and a Form Configuration created by a Confluence administrator.

Email Relays and ScriptRunner form configuration types are purely a Confluence administrator functionality, hence form configurations created by space administrators are all of type: Internal Database.


  1. When the space administrator is the relevant space, click the "Space tool" menu in the bottom left corner of the page, and then click the section "Forms for Confluence":

  2. The Forms for Confluence space section will appear:
  3. Click "Add a New Form Configuration"
  4. Complete the Form ID Configuration form
    4.1 Provide a unique ID/name used to identify the Form ID configuration
    4.3 Select Form Response Macro Permission
    4.4 Select Notifications
    4.5 Select Single Submission if you want to only allow a single submission per Form config.
    4.6 Provide a brief description
    4.7 Provide a success message to be displayed to senders after having submitted their form

  5. Save your Form ID Configuration
  6. The new Form ID will appear in your list. The list contains only the Form ID configurations relevant to the space in use:

If a space administrator is administering more than one space, he/she would need to go to a specific space to manage the configuration of that space.

If a user does not have the "Space Admin" permission and tries to access the Space Tools Forms for Confluence configuration, the user will get a "Permission Denied" page.


Forms for Confluence allows Confluence administrators to manage form configurations he/she created, and form configurations that were created by space administrators. In the Form Configuration screen of a Confluence administrator, a new column was added that specifies if a Form Configuration is "Global" or to what space it belongs. This makes it easy to identify if a specific Form was created by the Confluence administrator or a space administrator. Here is how it looks:

A Confluence administrator can edit Form configurations that were created by space administrators, so he/she still holds control over all configurations. The space administrator configurations are restricted to type "Internal Database", and this cannot be changed by the Confluence administrator.

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