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Custom Text Field Encryption

You can encrypt a custom text field provided by Encryption for Jira. There are two types of text fields: Single line text and Multiline text. These custom fields are text type fields and you can find it in the Administration menu under Issues

Creating a new custom field for encryption purposes is performed in the exact same way as any other custom field in Jira.

  1. Follow the Administration menu
  2. Click Issues
  3. Under Custom Fields on the left hand side menu you can find Create new custom field

After giving a name to your custom field, choose the appropriate screen(s) you want to see this newly created Encrypted Text Field to appear using the Screen checkboxes.

Once created, the value of the text field will be encrypted within the Jira Database.

Filtering Encrypted Custom Fields

By default, Encrypted Custom Fields have the Encrypted Custom Field Searcher template.

Users can search for texts in the same way as they do with JIRA's native text custom fields.

Basic filter

Advanced filter



To be able to index the fields, Lucene stores the decrypted values. Therefore, a user with access to the file system could access the Lucene indexes and see the values of the fields.

If this is a problem, you can unlink the field from the searcher by editing the field and selecting the Search Template "None".

In this way, Lucene will not store any decrypted value, but neither any user will be able to search by this custom field in a filter.

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