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Encrypting Attachments After the Configuration

When getting started, we recommend that you encrypt all attachments in your Jira instance.

After generating and saving your keys, you are prompted to encrypt your attachments.

  • Encrypt Nowa background process runs and encrypts all of the attachments associated with all of your projects. 
  • Encrypt Later: no attachments are encrypted until you apply a security scheme on the Configuration page as described below.

The outcome of encryption is that the attachments will no longer be readable by accessing them directly from the server file system.

Configuring the Security Scheme

By default, all project attachments are encrypted. If you wish to select specific projects for encryption, enable the project level security schemes.

  1. Select Add-ons (or Manage Apps) from the Jira Administration menu.
  2. Under Project Level Encryption for Attachments enable the Enable/Disable Security Schemes toggle.
  3. Select the projects to be encrypted using either the Basic or Advanced mode.
  4. Click Save.



Decrypt All

If you wish to decrypt all your attachments for all projects:

  1. Enable the Enable / Disable Security Schemes toggle.
  2. Remove all selected projects.
  3. Click Save.

The outcome of decryption is that the attachments will be readable by accessing them directly from the server file system.