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To uninstall this plugin a Confluence restart will be required. As this plugin replaces the default Confluence notification manager with its own version, after you uninstall the plugin in the normal way you also have to restart Confluence to enable normal notifications to work.


Descendant notifications

This part of the plugin allows you to automatically be added as a page watcher for any new pages added under a given page family.

Adding descendant notifications

To watch a page hierarchy click on the 'Watch Page Family' item in the 'Tools' menu. You will then be added as a watcher of the current page and all of its descendant pages. You will also automatically become a watcher of all new descendants of the page too.
Any descendant pages that were already selected with 'Watch Page Family' will no longer appear in the list when managing watches – since they are now covered by the newly selected page higher up the hierarchy. (Managing watches is explained in the next section)
You can manually unwatch any of the descendant pages if you no longer want to receive notifications for an individual page. This will also stop you being automatically added as a watcher to any new child pages that are added to that page.

Managing descendant notifications

When you are in a page hierarchy where Watch Page Family is active, you will see that the menu item has changed to 'Manage Page Family Watch'. This will take you to your profile, where you can view all of the page families you are currently watching.

From this screen you have three options (circled in the screenshot) for each of the notifications you have set up:

  • Re-add notifications This will make sure that each descendent page under this page is added to your notifications. This can be handy in situations where you may have manually removed notifications for some pages in the hierarchy and want to make sure you are watching all pages.
  • Remove Automatic Descendent Notifications This will remove the current page as the root of an automatic descendent notification watch. All current page notifications will remain, but you will not be added as a watcher to any new pages created under this hierarchy.
  • Remove All This will remove the current page as the root of an automatic descendent notification watch as above, but all page notifications under the hierarchy will be removed with this option.

Automatic child page notifications

If you are not watching the entire page hierarchy you still have the option to receive notifications for updates to the immediate child pages of pages you are currently watching. This setting can be controlled through your user profile, by default it will be set to true for all users when the plugin is installed.

News notifications

This feature allows you to be notified of just blog posts in a space.

Adding news notifications

You can select to watch news/blog posts by visiting the 'Advanced' space details page (from the 'Browse' menu), and clicking on the 'Watch Space News' link. You will now receive an email notification of all new blog posts within the space.

Managing news notifications

You can review and manage your news notifications from your profile.
Visit your profile and select the 'Page Family Watches' tab.The currently watched spaces are listed below the page family watches. A news watch can be removed by clicking on the icon to the right of the space (circled in the screenshot).

Group news notifications

This allows a space administrator to enable news notifications for a whole group of users.
Enter the groups you wish to be notified in the text field or use the group picker to ease selection. Group can be removed from the notification by clicking 'Remove' to the right of the group name.

{watchlink} macro

The {watchlink} macro creates a link on the page that allows you to set a watch on another page.


  • space (required)Is the key of the space that contains the page to be watched.
  • page (required)The title of the page to be watched.
  • descendents (optional)Whether to watch just the specified page (false), or to watch all of it's descendants too (true).Defaults to true.
  • class (optional)Allows you to specify a class attribute on the generated link markup, to allow custom styling in CSS.


Example usage
{watchlink:space=ds|page=Home|descendents=false|class=watchlink}Watch Demonstration
Home Page{watchlink}

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