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The Topic Summary Macro allows you to quickly and easily see a snapshot of topics across several forums. This provides you with an overview of activity across several topics. It can also be customised to show a small excerpt from the topic, which helps quickly assertain what the topic is about.


Insert the Topic Summary Macro into a page, setting the space parameters to the space you which to report (the default is the current space).

Like the Forum macro, the topics that are displayed are found using the Confluence search index. This means there will normally be a slight delay between when a page or comment is added.


Insert a Topic Summary Macro on a page.


Complete the desired fields and save.

Summarise topics underSelect if you want to summarise topics under a page or across an entire space.single selectspace(tick)
SpaceThe space for which to summarize topic (default when page specified: current space).stringcurrent space(error)
Root pageThe page for which to summarize topics (default when page specified: current page).stringcurrent page(error)
Recurse through child pagesIf true applies a recursive search to get the sub topics and sub forums topics (not applicable when a space is specified).booleantrue(error)
Show user picturesDisplays user pictures in the topic summary table.booleantrue(error)
Show topic authorDisplays the topic author column in the topic summary table.booleantrue(error)
Show forum linkDisplays a link under the topic title to the forum that contains the topic.booleanfalse(error)
Show topic excerptShow an excerpt of the topic.
Number of topics displayed per pagePagination option, defines the number of topics that will be displayed in the topic summary macro. We recommend limiting this to 100.Integer20(tick)
Show topic statusWhether to show the topic status (sticky, locked and hot).booleantrue(error)
Show sticky topics on topPlace sticky topics at the top of the forum.booleantrue(error)
Activity indicator thresholdIf the topic activity score reaches this threshold, then the topic will be shown as hot.integer50(error)
Table headingThe header of the first table column (default: Topics).string"Topics"(error)


This results in a summary of forums.


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