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Here you can find the release notes for each major and minor version of Community Forums 2.x

 2.8.0 Release Notes

New Features in this Release

  • Creating Topics using Global & Space Templates
  • Implemented a new feature - Topic Status Indicators
  • Added a new Topic Number of Views Column

Icon appearance updated (Note: If new icons don’t appear please try clearing the browser cache)

Bug Fixes

  • Removing a Forum macro from a page does not remove the Forum properties from the same page
  • Fixed an issue with some macros not being able to be inserted with the “Other macros” shortcut
  • Fixed an issue with “sticky topics on top” not being clickable

 2.7 Release Notes

New Features in this Release

  • Live search functionality: Search Topics as soon as you start typing in the search box
  • Search Topics by author: Now you can search Topics based on its author

Improved Features & Bug Fixes

  • Reorganising User Interface
  • Move the Notification message to the Forum Macro toolbar instead of the New topic button
 2.6 Release Notes

New Features in this Release

  • Now you can customise the way your Forums look like. With our new Forum colour palette, customise the colour of your Forum headings and text, very useful to distinguish between different forums, improve aesthetics or match your company colour scheme
 2.5 Release Notes

New Features in this Release

  • New search that can include comments
  • Compatibility with Confluence 5.9
  • Create Post Install Guidance for System Administrator

Improved Features & Bug Fixes

  • Improving product analytics
  • Changing the FSM "summarize the Forums under:" parameter from page to space causes FM "rootpage" parameter to change as "Spacekey:"
  • Screenshots are not loaded after clicking the get started button
  • Plugin doesn't display key in Manage Add-ons page
 2.4 Release Notes

New Features in this Release

  • Forums Menu Shortcut & Directory - Find your forums quickly and easily using the new forums menu feature

Improved Features & Bug Fixes

  • Community Forums now works for DataCentre (again) from Confluence 5.8.5 onwards. There was a bug with the lucene sort mapper that was fixed in Confluence 5.8.5 which means Forums will again work correctly on DataCentre. Note, this will not work for Confluence versions 5.6-5.8.4.We have introduced an upgrade task that re-indexes all nodes for DataCentre to apply this fix
  • Create Forum button in Forums menu doesn't work in certain versions of Confluence
  • "Update to Community Forums 2" in the Admin Section only appears when there are pages to migrate
 2.3 Release Notes

New Features in this Release

  • Confluence 5.8 compatibility
  • Addressed the issue of exporting to PDF functionality by providing a workaround
  • Forum Macro "restrict to the editor" macro parameter is disabled
  • New filters introduced for Forum Macro - users can now filter by hot topics, locked topics and topics they are following

Improved Features & Bug Fixes

  • Last Reply date in the Forum Summary Macro doesn't get updated
  • Topics/Replies column in the Forum Summary Macro shows a maximum of 20 topics only
  • Removing the Forum Macro from a page doesn't remove Forum properties
 2.2 Release Notes

New Features in this Release

  • A "Show" & "Hide" switch for Filters in the Forum

Improved Features & Bug Fixes

  • Issue with German Indexing language
 2.1 Release Notes

Continuing the move to the latest Community Forums macros, we’ve introduced a tool to simplify migration as well as re-implementing features from the old macros to fit the new, more robust forums.

New Features in this Release


 Migration task to automate moving to Forums 2

This feature is to assist in moving to the latest forum macros, allowing you to use the latest Forums 2 features. We recommend using this task for upgrading your existing Forums to use the latest macros. See our Upgrade Guide on how to access this.

 Space Level Configuration

 This feature was present in the old forums and we've re-implemented it for the latest Forums, allowing you to determine permissions for your Forum at the space level rather than globally. You can turn on Space Level Configuration in the Forums administration page.


 New Topic Summary Macro

Following on with the theme of Forums 2, we've re-implemented the Topic Summary macro so that it makes use of the new Forum features and UI. All old Topic Summary Macros will be automatically upgraded with the migration task

 Guidance on Upgrading

We've provided in-line guidance for administrators and Space Admins on upgrading old forum macros to the latest forums. This should only affect those using the old Community Forum macros in the latest release and will help you to quickly and easily migrate to Community Forums 2.

Improved Features & Bug Fixes

We've made a few minor bug fixes and improvements in this release

 Improved the Excerpt parameter

We've made a small change to the excerpt parameter that allows it to be more robust whilst also providing greater control over the content that is displayed as an excerpt. The new excerpt parameter now looks for the {Excerpt}  macro in a topic and displays that content if it exists, otherwise it will display an excerpt using Confluences page excerpt feature

 Fixed a bug with sticky topics

There was a minor bug where sticky topics on top parameter wasn't working correctly when set to false. This has been addressed and now works as intended. 

 Removing forum macro when pointing to a different root page with a forum macro incorrectly removing the forum property from the real forum

This ones a little complicated to explain but there was a bug whereby the forum properties were being incorrectly removed when removing the forum macro on a different page pointing to the true forum. If that doesn't make complete sense, don't worry, we identified this bug in development so it likely didn;t impacted you, but we made sure to address it.

 Insufficient privileges error when accessing Forums anonymously

 The Forum failed to load correctly when allowing anonymous access to the forum. This was an issue to do with setting permissions in Confluence and the interaction with Forums which has been corrected.

 Including topics from sub-forums in the main forum macro

We had to update our query here to ensure that all topics were being correctly placed in the forum when choosing to show topics from across all forums in the main forum macro. Apologies if this meant you weren't seeing all forum topics - this has now been corrected.

 Forum Summary Macro only Showing 10 Forums

There was a small change to lucene searches which meant that the Forum Summary Macro only showed 10 Forums from Confluence 5.3 onwards. We've provided a fix here too so you'll correctly see all Forums in the table. 

 Minor UI Improvements

We've made a few small UI improvements to improve the overall experience of using Forums. This includes a small change to pagination which now summarises the number of pages in a Forum and other similar quality-of-life enhancements to simplify interaction with features. By enlarge these should go unnoticed but make the overall experience a bit more pleasant. 

 Forum Summary Macro not Showing all Forums

There was a minor bug where the Forum Summary macro would not show all Forums if the number of child Forums was greater than 10. This has been addressed in this release.

Removed Functionality

We've started the process of removing or deprecating functionality for the old forums as customers move over to the new forums. No actual functionality has been removed, however the global level configuration and space level configuration is now deprecated and we recommend upgrading your existing forum macros to use the latest macros. You can use our easy to follow Upgrade Guide which will guide you through this process.

 2.0 Release Notes

The latest major release of Community Forums provides a series of changes which have resulted in a significantly improved add-on. These release notes highlight the new features that have been added as well as improvement and bug fixes of existing features. There have also been some minor features which have been permanently removed or and a few remaining minor features that we will be re-implementing in an improved fashion for the new forums architecture.

New Features in this Release

The following features are new to Forums and provide a more sophisticated and intuitive means of using Forums, simplifying how users can access and use topics and giving forum administrators more power to moderate forums and configure how the forum will behave for all users.

 Searching, Sorting and Filtering of Topics

This was the single most requested feature of the old forum macros but required a significant re-design to be possible. The new Forum provides an easy to use section for searching the forum, applying specific filters and sorting topics in the order that's most useful for identifying the information you require. We'll be expanding on this functionality in the future and providing further filters.


 Create forums using blueprints

We've introduced the use of blueprints for creating and configuring a forum, so you can quickly and easily setup your forum and get started creating hot topics and inviting your whole team to discuss anything they'd like in a matter of minutes.

 Configurable column macros

The new forums allows you to select which columns you'd like to display in your forum and to specify how they work, giving you the power to configure your forum to work exactly as you like. Simply add column macros inside the forum macro and arrange them in the order you'd like them to appear. We've provided default values but you can define each parameter as you wish.


 Unified Global Configuration of Forums

We've provided a single Forum administration page for providing the global configuration parameters of Forums. We realised that the old Forum required you to go through to too many pages that were related and felt we could simplify the global configuration, so you can now use a single page for global configuration. We'll be deprecating the old forum administration pages in future releases when we officially retire the old Forum macros.


 Full Topic Locking Functionality

Although we had locking topic functionality in the old forums, we've re-implemented the feature from the ground up, enabling you to now truly lock topics and save them in their current state forever! Users will no longer be able to edit the main body, add or remove comments, or add further attachments to locked topics. Topics can be easily unlocked too, should you wish to start the conversation up again.

 Lock Forum and Sub-Forum Functionality

We've taken the locking feature and provided the functionality across forums and sub-forums too, so you can enjoy the same benefits of saving multiple discussions in your Confluence and be able to see how conversations and communities evolved over time. This is great if you want to start a sub-forum about something important and encourage your teams to discuss, then once everyone's helped explore different ideas, you can lock the forum and and be able to see the conversations that were had and the conclusions that were reached. Locked forums remain searchable through our new search, sort and filtering functionality too, so it's always easy to track down the topics you need.

Improved Features & Bug Fixes

With the new Forum macros, we've also addressed a series of bugs as well as provided improved implementation of existing features to make them more user friendly, accessible and more predictable. 


There were some known bugs with pagination that were affecting how topics were being displayed and sorting. This meant that some larger forums were not displaying all topics in certain versions of Confluence. We've now re-implemented pagination if the ground up so that Forum pages work correctly and you can easily navigate through the forum table. We've also corrected the issues that were affecting sorting.

 Default Sorting Topics

Similar to the issues around pagination, the default sort was only working across the first page of the forum. There were also some other issues due to confusion around sorting by date and the last activity date on a topic. We've gone ahead and simplified this so that sorting by the topics last activity is the default date and provided user accessible and user friendly sorting functionality in the forum UI.

 Defining the Root Page of a Forum

We've significantly improved the feature of setting a root page as the root of the Forum. The new macros now automatically provide full forum functionality for any defined root page and ensure that topics added to the forum are correctly added below the root page. Changing root pages also works correctly so that the forum table is automatically updated and continues to work seamlessly.

 Sticky Topics Functionality

There was a known bug with how sticky topics were affected by sorting, which meant that sticky topics were not behaving as expected and appearing at the top of the forum. This has been fixed in the new Forums version and works as intended. Additionally, we've added a "sticky topics on top" option at the top of the forum which can be toggled on/off by users, giving them power to search the forums as they wish, whilst the default option can be set in the new forum macro and allow forum administrators to configure the behaviour of sticky topics for the forum in general.

 Activity Score Calculation

The old activity score calculation failed to take into account attachments. We've fixed this for the new Forum 2.0 macros as well as providing a single page to configure global forum properties from.

 Topic Excerpt

The topic excerpt is something we realised has some bugs that was affecting how the excerpt appeared in the forum. We've now addressed this and the topic excerpt will display a cut text from the start of the topic, giving a better and more user friendly representation of what the topic is about.

 Automatic Enabling of Forum Features

Whilst this seems like a small feature, it's made a big difference to how forums works overall. We now automatically enable and disable forum features with the Forum macro


Removed Functionality

Whilst we've looked to provide as much functionality as possible with 2.0, due to the extensive re-architecture of Forums, we've had to provide the most valuable functionality in this release and will be looking to provide full feature parity with the coming releases. The new look Forums 2.0 will ultimately provide a much better experience for those wishing to access these features and we'll be continuing to provide improved replacements for these features in the future. You can see our upcoming features here


 Display Topics from Author

This feature has been removed from the new macros as it was not very user friendly and required that the user go in and edit the macro to access this feature. We'll be re-introducing this feature as a filter in the new Forums macros in the upcoming releases, making it accessible and useable for all users but for now this feature is not available in the new Forum macro.

 Include and Exclude Topics

Similar to display topics by author, this feature was not easily accessible and meant that users were having to go in and edit the macro in the apge to access this feature. We'll be re-introducing this feature with the new filters, making it easily useable for all users. We'll also be improving this, allowing you to include and exclude more types of topics.

 Export to Word and Pdf

 We've temporarily removed this feature with the new forum macro. Whilst we recognise these features are important, they will be made available once again in the upcoming releases.

 Start topics from #

This feature has been permanently removed. This was a rarely used feature that provided little or no value. The new pagination and search in the forum has superseded this functionality.

 Comment Excerpt

This feature has been permanently removed. We've found that this was a rarely used feature that was causing some confusion and it didn't really make sense to continue providing an extract of the last comment in the Forum 

 Alternative display modes

This feature has been permanently removed and replaced with a configurable forum table that allows you to include the information you wish to have displayed in your forum via the configurable column macros.

 Upgrading Existing Forums to the New Community Forums 2

The latest Community Forums has a wide range of new features and functionality which were developed in accordance with feedback from customers and clients. The new Forums provides a series of customizable columns as well as search, sort and filter options and a more elegant interface. In order to provide these features we've had to dramatically re-design the architecture of Community Forums in 2.0.  We've implemented or re-implemented (with improvements) almost all of the old Forum features and would encourage you to move over to the new forums.

If any of these features are critical for your deployment of Community Forums we suggest you wait until we have implemented these minor features in our upcoming releases.

Why Should I Move My Existing Forums to the latest macros?


There are a number of benefits with the latest Forums, amongst the many benefits of the new macros in Forums 2.x are:-

  • Search, Sort and Filter topics - making it easier to find topics you're looking for
  • Custom configurable forum columns - giving you more power to deploy a forum that looks and feels how you want
  • Improved UI - the new forums have had a UI overhaul, bringing more information to your forum and looking at home in Confluence
  • And we've re-implemented a series of features that previously exhibited bugs, such as pagination of forum topics and activity score


This guide will assist you in migrating your existing forums to use the new forum macros to allow you to access these new features.

Automated Upgrade of Forum Macros

You can use the upgrade task in Community Forums 2.1 to quickly and easily migrate all your existing forums to us the latest macros.

To simplify the process of moving your existing forums to the latest forum macros, we've introduced an upgrade task to quickly and easily update all your Forums.

  1. From the Confluence administration console, select the Upgrade Forum link from the left hand panel.

  2. The Upgrade Forums page explains the migration process, please read this information carefully.
    You can view which forum macros are used using the pre-migration report information under the  "What will be migrated?" section.

  3. Click "Run Migration Task" to start the migration task

  4. Again, please read the disclaimer. You may wish to create a back-up of your Confluence instance.

  5. If you are happy to upgrade, click "Accept. This will migrate all pages using the old forum macros to use the latest macros.

  6. You migration should have now completed, you can use the post migration report to see the pages that have migrated.


If you have experienced any errors during the migration task, you can migrate the macros that failed to migrate manually using the guide below or contact our support.

Manual Upgrade of Forum Macros

If you prefer to upgrade manually, or if you have encountered difficulties with the automated migration task, you can choose to perform the upgrade manually. This is a simple task per forum that requires replacing the macros found on an existing forum with the new macros provided in Community Forums version 2.0 and above. This guide will walk you through the process. N.B. We realise that each organisation may have configured their forum specifically, this guide provides a general manual upgrade of the macros although users are welcome to customize their migration further.

1. Upgrading the Forum Macro

The new Forum separates the Forum functionality from the column functionality, giving you more freedom to decide what information is displayed and how. We'll cover how you can first add the new Forum macro with the same parameters as your existing Forum, and then each of the forum table separate columns. As this is a manual migration, you will need to note down 4 parameters from inside the forum macro.


  1. Go to your forum and enter edit mode. Select the Forum-macro and click edit. Note down the parameters for the following fields (if any)
    • Root Page
    • Space
    • Recurse
    • Count

  2. Leave macro editor mode and add a new {forum} macro to the page.

  3. You will now have a new forum macro that will be used later to add columns to

  4. Select the new forum macro and click "Edit"

  5. Update the parameters with the notes you made from the previous old macro. Note: You only need to do this if they are different
    1. Root Page
    2. Space
    3. Recurse
    4. Count -> Topics displayed per page

  6. Save this {Forum} macro configurations

  7. You have now added the basic forum configuration and can now add the column macros in the next step.

2. Upgrading the Forum Summary Macro

Now that you've added the main forum macro, you can add the column macros to the forum macro. This is a simple process of adding 4 column macros to the Forum Macro.

  1. In edit mode, add a {Forum Topic Status Column} to the Forum macro.

  2. Add the {Forum Topic Title Column} to the Forum Macro
  3. Add the {Forum Topic Author Column} to the Forum Macro
  4. Add the {Forum Topic Number of Replies Column} Macro to the Forum Macro
  5. Add the {Forum Topic Number of Views Column} Macro to the Forum Macro
  6. Add the {Forum Topic Last Activity Date Column}

  7. This provides the basic Forum 2.0 configuration. You can add further column macros and configure these as you wish. For further information on which columns are available and their parameters please see our macro guide.
  8. Save the forum and check you are happy with the configuration.


3. Removing the Add Topic Macro and the Old Forum Macro

  1. The Add Topic Macro is no longer required and does not work with the new Forum macros. The new Forum automatically provides an Add Topic button and shares the same configuration as the rest of your forum, simplifying setup and use of the Forum. Please remove the Add Topic macro from your Forum in edit mode
  2. If you are happy with the configuration of your forum from from step 2, you can remove the old forum macro from the page and save your page. Your new forum is complete.

If you wish to configure your forum further, you can add further macros or configure your Forum macro/ topic column macros to create the perfect forum that meets your organization's specific needs. For further information, please see our macro guide. Once you are happy with your configuration, please remove the old forum macro and save the page.



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