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Community Forums

Community Forums is a simple and elegant solution for creating a place where users can explore and discuss ideas. It is a great tool for creating and sharing knowledge across your entire organization. Opening up discussions within your organization helps you not only gather feedback and insight from people intimately connected to the discussion, but also aids in developing a professional, stronger social community. With the ability to add forums and sub-forums, you can create any structure for forums that enables your organization to start talking.


  • The latest release version is compatible with Confluence versions 6.5.0 - 7.0.3

    Confluence version 5.6 is unsupported after Community Forums 2.7.1. This was done to support new features only available in later Confluence versions.

    Community Forums now works for DataCentre from Confluence 5.8.5 onwards. There was a bug with the Lucene sort mapper that was fixed in Confluence 5.8.5 which means Community Forums will again work correctly on DataCentre. Note, this will not work for Confluence versions 5.6-5.8.4


Community Forums is available for installation from the Atlassian Marketplace in Confluence Administration > Atlassian Marketplace > Find new add-ons (UPM), or by download from the Atlassian Marketplace online.

Add-on licensing

We offer trial licenses so you can try Community Forums for one month. Simply follow the Installation directions above and choose Free Trial.

Add-on support

We offer add-on related support in accordance with our Product Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Adaptavist Products and Add-ons.

Frequently Asked Questions on Community Forums

 What is the difference between Community Bubbles and Community Forums?

Community Forums used to be embedded in Community Bubbles, but it was separated from Confluence 5.x and now works independently of Bubbles.

 What happened to Community Bubbles?

Community Bubbles is officially retired by Adaptavist, but you can find the full forum functionality from Community Bubbles in our Community Forums add-on.

We've significantly improved the forum functionality previously available in Community Bubbles, and provide maintenance and support in accordance with our SLA for customers with a valid license. We're regularly improving Community Forums with patch and feature releases in order to ensure that we continue to provide the best forums add-on for Confluence.

 How do I move from Community Bubbles to Community Forums?

Moving from Community Bubbles to Community Forums is really simple. So long as you have the latest PLM (see How to Migrate from PLM to UPM Licensing), you can simply

  1. Uninstall Community Bubbles and install the latest Community Forums with a valid license
  2. You may need to perform a re-index to pick-up all the pages in your Forum table
  3. Simply follow our upgrade guide and follow the steps to move all your forums to the latest macros
 I'm using Community Forums, what's Community Forums 2?

Community Forums 2 is simply version 2 of our popular Community Forums add-on for Confluence 5.4+. It's the same product, just much better with new and improved features with a more solid architecture. We're proud of it and think you'll really enjoy using it. You can upgrade to Community Forums by following our upgrade guide. Check out all the Community Forums 2 Features.

 How to hide the +New Topic button, Search bar and Filters

To hide the New Topic button, search bar and filters in a particular space:
Navigate to the Space that contains Community Forums.
At the bottom left of the page, Click on Space Tools > Look and Feel > Stylesheet.
Edit Stylesheet, enter the following code block and save.


To hide the New Topic button, search bar and filters globally (in all spaces and pages of your Confluence instance):
Navigate to Confluence Admin > Look and Feel > Stylesheet.
Edit Stylesheet, enter the following code block and save.


To hide the New Topic button:
Place the CSS stylesheet macro (belonging to Content Formatting Macros Add-on) in the page that contains Community Forums, and insert the following in the body of CSS stylesheet macro:

#add-new-forum-topic-button {display:none;}
 Can I migrate Community Forums topics to Confluence Questions

Our Community Forums add-on uses Confluence pages, whilst Questions stores questions as different entity objects. As such, you will retain your Community Forum topics as Confluence pages after your Community Forums license expires - as you would with normal Confluence Pages. Questions is slightly different and only provides access whilst you retain a valid license. Both products are great for their purpose and it depends on which will meet your organization's needs.
There is currently no simple way to migrate Forum topics to Confluence Questions as they are handled differently within Confluence, and Atlassian has not as yet provided an easy way to migrate pages into Confluence Questions. Atlassian are currently evaluating introducing a Rest API for Questions, as outlined in the Questions FAQ
If migrating your pages into Questions is a matter of urgency for you, you can contact our sales team who will be happy to discuss this as a professional services engagement.  

If you need more information or have any other questions please contact us.

Known Issues

Export to PDF Issue

This add-on has a known issue when exporting a Confluence page to PDF. See this page for more details

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