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The Pre macro wraps content in a pre tag with optional class and styles. 

The pre tag is used to define preformatted text. This allows for the preservation of spaces and line breaks. 


Click Insert > Other Macros.


Select the Pre macro from the provided list.


Complete the desired fields.




Specify a unique id for the element.




ClassThe class to associate with the div. Multiple classes can be specified by separating them with spaces.stringnone


StyleAn optional inline style sheet to apply to an individual div tag.stringnone


TitleText to display in a tooltip.stringnone


Text DirectionSets the text direction.single selectnone


Language CodeSets the language code.stringnone


At least one parameter must be specified

Although not strictly required to insert the macro on to a page, the macro does require one of the parameters above to be specified to function properly.


The macro will then appear on the page.


Will result in:


Lorem ipsum

dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Aenean commodo ligula

eget dolor.


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