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The Message Box macro allows the creation of Atlassian styled highlighted message boxes, which provide contextual information to users.


Click Insert > Other Macros.

Select the Message Box macro from the provided list.

Complete the desired fields.




The text appearing in the message.




Message Icon

Choose a message icon option: 

  • None: no icon is displayed in the message box.
  • Default: the default icon for the selected message type is displayed, e.g. a green tick is displayed for a Success message box.
  • Preset icon: select from a list of Content Formatting icons. See the icon reference below.
single selectsuccess(tick)
Message Type

The type of message to display:

  • generic
  • warning
  • error
  • success
  • hint
single selectgeneric(tick)
IDSpecifies a CSS ID to be added.
ClassSpecifies a CSS Class to be added.stringnone(error)

The macro will then appear on the page, with space to add any content into the body of the Message Box.

Once saved, an Atlassian styled Message Box will appear on the page.

Style Reference

Icon Reference

Icons may look slightly different depending on your version of Confluence.

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