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If you're a Confluence admin wanting to communicate the features, benefits and how to use Content Formatting for Confluence, this email template is a great place to start.


New Confluence App - Content Formatting Macros

Email Body

Hi team,

We've just installed a new app on Confluence that you can use, Content Formatting. This app has +30 new macros that enable you to build more powerful content in Confluence.  

What does this app do: 

Plus a lot more, find out about all the macros here

How do you use it:

Content Formatting macros can be accessed by navigating to the Insert More Content dropdown () in the Confluence menu, selecting 'other macros' and then the Formatting option. 

You can also access Content Formatting macros by typing '{' followed by the macro name while you're editing a page. 

If you've never used Macros before, take a look at Atlassian's documentation for a quick primer. 


Your Confluence Admin

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