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A simple way of using an image in bulleted lists



Click Insert > Other Macros.


Select the Fancy Bullets macro from the provided list.


Complete the desired fields.



Bullet Type

Select from a list of bullet types.

single select



ImageSpecify a custom image to use as the bullet. Bullet Type must be set to 'image'.stringnone(error)
IDSpecifies a unique ID to be added.stringnone(error)
PaddingSpecifies padding to be applied to the list.stringnone(error)


If you wish to increase the Padding, please use the units "em" or "px", for example "1em" or "20px".

When "15px" is given against the Padding field & the bullet type is "disc" in the Fancy Bullets macro, you will notice the minimum space between the left margin and the bullet. The bullets cannot be flushed left beyond this point. If a value less than 12px is specified, the bullets will disappear and from 12px to 14px the bullets are only partially visible. If the Padding value is anything more than 15px the bullets keep moving away from the left margin.

The Padding needs to be adjusted based on the bullet type.


The macro will then appear on the page. 

Simply add some Confluence bullets inside the macro and watch them transform.



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