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The Colgroup Tag macro provides the ability to format one or more columns in a table, such as adding styling to a group of table cells.


Click Insert > Other Macros.

Select the Colgroup Tag macro from the provided list.

The macro will then appear on the page, with space to add content into the body of the macro.

The macro must be placed within a Table macro and before either ThTbody or Tr macro within the table.

Complete list of the desired attributes. These attributes are not supported in HTML5.



Align Character

Specifies which character to align text on




Align Character OffsetSpecifies the number of characters the content will be aligned from the character specified by the align character parameternumbernone(error)
SpanIndicates the number of columns a column group should span numbernone(error)
WidthSpecifies the width of a column groupnumbernone(error)
CSS ClassThe class attribute of the element

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