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The BibTeX Referencing Macro and the BibTeX Display Macro enabled BibTeX style references to be displayed as links on a page, and within a searchable and sortable table in a set location on the same page. 

This can be useful when transferring a LaTeX document to Confluence, which includes a list of references formatting using BibTeX

Please note that this macro requires some previous knowledge of using LaTeX (see here) and BibTeX (see here).


Click Insert > Other Macros.

This will take you to the Macro Browser, where you can search and select the BibTeX Referencing Macro or BibTeX Display Macro from the list. 


If refrences are not properly formed following Bibtex convention then the Bibtex display table macro will show a warning message. Note that only the following Bibtex entry types are supported: ('article', 'book', 'booklet', 'conference', 'inbook', 'incollection', 'inproceedings', 'manual', 'masterthesis', 'misc', 'phdthesis', 'proceedings', 'techreport', 'unpublished').

There are three parameters that can be set for the BibTeX Referencing Macro. These are as follows:




The BibTeX form of the reference to be displayed




Specify the type of reference link that will be displayed. The options include "number" or "author".

Author NameIf reference type is "author", include text to be displayed as the link, e.g. Howard et al (2017). This is required if "author" is selected as type. string

The BibTeX Referencing Macro will be displayed on the page as shown below. It should be positioned in the desired location of the reference link, within the text, and will appear inline. 

The BibTeX Display Macro does not have any parameters. It will be displayed on the page as shown below. 


Using the BibTeX Referencing Macro.

Below is an example of setting the parameters for the macro. 

Number Reference Parameters

Author Reference Parameters

This will be displayed on the page as shown below. 



If the type has been set to "number", the link will be displayed as follows.



If the type has been set to "author", the link will be displayed as follows. 



Bibliography Display

The BibTeX Display Macro will display a table of references, based on each BibTeX Referencing Macro included on the page, in the position of the macro itself. 

This will generally be at the bottom of the same page. It will be displayed as follows.

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