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I'm using confluence 2.3.3, theme builder 2.0.9, page info plugin 1.2.6, content formatting macro 1.6.4 and have the compatibility macros all disabled. However, I find that the wikipage|page= functionality in menulink is not working and am unsure if this is a bug or if this feature was added in a later theme builder version (this is difficult to tell from the notes on the adaptavist site). Can someone tell me please.

In case someone asks, here's the text from my menu {menuitem}{menulink:wikipage|page=TestPage}Learning & Development{menulink}{menuitem} and the page itself definitely exists.

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    In older versions of Builder it's better to use something like this:

    {menuitem}[Learning & Development|Test Page]{menuitem}
    1. Unknown User (

      Thanks for the prompt response.