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{watch-menu} Macro


This macro is used to embed a submenu with an icon that reflects the watch state.


This macro requires Theme Builder 3.0 or above.


The macro usage is identical to that of the menu macro.


An example use of this macro is as follows:

  {compound-menuitem:watchpage|caption=%Watch% this %page%}
  {compound-menuitem:watchspace|caption=%Watch% entire space}


If the watch menu does not appear then please check that you have configured an outgoing mail server (If confluence cant send email, there isnt any point in displaying the links to add watches!)

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  1. Unknown User (hboer1965)


    I noticed that IE6 doesn't show the icon of the watchmenu:

    Is there a solution for this or an alternative way - besides using FF, which unfortunately isn't my company standard (yet)?

    Regards, Herman.

  2. Unknown User (utimpe)

    I do not get the watch menu to work at all, neither on IE(6) nor on FF(2).
    I used the example exactly as documented.
    Any hints?


    1. Unknown User (hboer1965)

      Hello Udo,

      make sure you have a smtp mail server defined.

      Regards, Herman.

  3. Unknown User (utimpe)

    Well, that's like magic (wink)
    A little hint in the docu could save a lot of time.
    Thanks, it works.

  4. Unknown User (

    This menu is quite useful. It broadens the menu structure. Only one issue, if you are already watching a space, and subsequently click the watch page menu item, you will receive an error message. It would be more efficient to just disable the watch page menu item rather than redirecting the user to an error page.

    1. Unknown User (kbrophy)

      Many thanks for this suggestion Eric - I have raised the point with our development team in our issue tracker.