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From the Accesibility page it sounds like individuals can choose their own theme.

Theme Switching

Theme Builder 3.0 and above support end-user theme switching allowing individuals to instantly switch to a more accessible view of your wiki, for example you can provide high-contrast or large-text layouts.

Am I reading this right? If so how can a user select their own theme? I can't find any documentation on how an individual can do so.

This would be huge and the long sought holy grail of giving views for beginners versus power users.


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  1. You can achieve this in several ways:

    1. Using the builder-show macro and the use-layout macro you can automate the selection of the layout used based on a wide variety of criteria, eg:
    2. The compound-menuitem macro has layout & latch parameters which match the function of the use-layout macro eg:
    3. By using hardcoded urls which append layout= and optionally latch= parameters to the URL's querystring