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I enabled Confluence page profiling as decribed here:

In general I notice that non-theme builder spaces are relatively fast to load (~2 seconds) whereas theme builder spaces are ~5-6 seconds (similar to the other thread).

Here are some of the details of a page load on our site for a page with a layout where the menu panel is disabled (does that make a difference? I'm trying to isolate performance bottlenecks...):

2009-02-07 12:24:02,970 DEBUG [http-443-1] [atlassian.util.profiling.UtilTimerStack] log [486ms] - /display/caGrid13/Upgrade+caGrid+1.2+Grid+to+caGrid+1.3

  [422ms] - SiteMesh: parsePage:

[56ms] - SiteMesh: applyDecorator: main (templates/builder/theme/main.vmd)


2009-02-07 12:24:04,987 DEBUG [http-443-9] [atlassian.util.profiling.UtilTimerStack] log [177ms] - /plugins/builder/layout-resources.action

[37ms] - SiteMesh: parsePage:

2009-02-07 12:24:06,188 DEBUG [http-443-2] [atlassian.util.profiling.UtilTimerStack] log [1112ms] - /plugins/builder/layout-resources.action

[574ms] - SiteMesh: parsePage:

[571ms] - XW Interceptor: Before defaultStack: /plugins/builder/layout-resources.action (LayoutResourcesAction.execute())

The profiling log doesn't seem to indicate within a particular action what is taking so long (e.g., the layout-resources.action takes 1112 ms total, and only 574ms of that is spent in the SiteMesh log line). Is there any additional information I can gather from theme builder (e.g., enable theme builder logs?) to get more detail?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have looked @ the Theme Builder performance tips, etc. but I didn't see any way to enable profiling/logging.

On a related note, do you guys offer a service to convert theme builder themes to a standard "Confluence theme"? That might be a way to solve this performance problem... ?

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  1. What version of builder/confluence are you using?

    No we do not convert builder themes to static confluence themes ... I think you may be missing the point about builder, it is a dynamic theme, it is used to create dynamic websites where the navigation/dressing reacts to the content that is being displayed ... if you want static theme performance, write a static theme.

    1. Unknown User (jpermar)

      Confluence 2.10

      Theme Builder Plugin Version: 3.3.2-conf2.10

      1. Upgrade to 3.3.3 it contains some fixes that will directly affect the slow response from the layout-resources action.

        1. Unknown User (jpermar)


          Thank you again. I'll upgrade soon.

          1. Unknown User (jpermar)


            Great job on the 3.3.3 release. I just upgraded our site this morning and am very pleased to tell you that our page load times are significantly faster, and definitely good enough for now (~2-3 seconds for a typical page).

            I do notice some things in the confluence HOME directory logs (maybe these should go in a separate thread?):

            – url: /display/projects/Home | page: 2523691 | userName: jpermar | referer: | action: viewpage
            at com.adaptavist.confluence.builder.macros.menus.PermissionMacro.getReplacements(
            at com.adaptavist.confluence.builder.macros.menus.MenuItemMacro.execute(
            at com.atlassian.renderer.v2.macro.ResourceAwareMacroDecorator.execute(

            That keeps showing up with most of our page loads. Is there any additional information I can provide to help isolate the macro that is causing the exception? It looks like it's form the menus, so I might be able to isolate it down to a specific menuitem macro if you like...

            Thanks in advance. Again, thanks for all your help and excellent work with 3.3.3!

            1. Thats very odd, can you create an issue on and attach your layout data to it, I've added a workaround for that problem to 3.4.0-M1 however I'm intruigued as to how you managed the make that happen!

              I suspect that you may have specified an invalid spacekey in one of your menulinks.