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Hello again,

I set the content pane minimum height to e.g., 500px to get the page to stretch a bit. That's working. However, what I need is to have the content pane stretch to at a minimum the height of the user's browser. When I try to set the content pane height to min 100%, that doesn't do the trick. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Unfortunately that is a limitation of HTML, the closest you can get is setting the page panel height to 100%, which will tell builder to set 100% height on the table that contains all of the panels, however this isnt actually valid HTML and will only work as desired in firefox.

    Perhaps there is another way to achieve the effect that you are looking for in another way ... if you can explain what you want to do then maybe we can help further.

    1. Unknown User (jpermar)


      Thanks for all your help. Check out the test space I have here:

      I have a few outstanding problems:

      1) the page height. You'll notice as you click the links on the left (Introduction or Documentation), the page height changes in a rather jarring and unsexy manner. That's why I want it to always have minimum height to fill browser screen.
      2) The menus right now don't change to "finger pointer" mode when I mouse over them. A user doesn't know they can click them right now. (fixed! docs:
      3) The popup menus have square corners rather than rounded corners. How can I get rounded corners there? (I used images to make the table in the navigation pane, so maybe just add a last row to each menu that has images in the corners to simulate it?)
      4) I set the color of the popup menus to that awful grey. How can I change it so it's white but each pop-up menu has a shadow effect (like the navigation table in the LSB)?
      5) The search box needs work... I don't believe the confluence/theme builder tools expose the "input" html parameters, do they? I would like to set default text in there ("Search") and also make the size of the search input a bit smaller... any way to do that?
      6) What's the best way to re-use this template across many spaces? In general, I want the same layout for every space, but only the contents of the navigation pane (LSB) to change from space to space. If I simply use the above layout and then create children layouts, setting the children's LSB contents, will that work?

      Other suggestions you have? I see some of the sites made using the builder and they're extremely impressive!

      1. My best suggestion would be for you to work through some HTML and CSS tutorials so that you have some kind of grounding in the technologies that you are using.

        I find the following sites most helpful:

        Alternatively we offer a theme design service, or we can offer you consultancy at very competitive rates.

        1. Unknown User (jpermar)


          I've been through at least parts of the CSS tutorials. Time is of the essence, so I've been learning as I go (wink)

          I do have one last question about the search box. Is there any way to change the default text and search box size via confluence? I don't see macro parameters that indicate I can do that, and am just double checking.

          Thanks much for all your help.