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We've recently discovered an issue when using the pagetree2 macro. After editing a page, when I go to 'Preview' that page, if the pagetree2 macro happens to be used, I get a breif flash of the page then this image is displayed - showing the root of my space and that its attempting to load the pagetree ...
If I alter the macro to just pagetree, it seems to display accurately.

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  1. Unknown User (kbrophy)

    Hi Jeffrey,

    May I ask which version of Confluence and Theme Builder you are using and how the macro has been added to the page (e.g. the parameters)?

    Does the latest version of Theme Builder display similar behaviour:


    1. Unknown User (jeff caron)

      We are using Confluence version 3.2.1_01, Theme Builder 4.0.4

      the macro looks like: pagetree2:autoCollapse=true|sort=natural|searchBox=true

      I will test out with the lastest version of Theme Builder and post results