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Is it possible to build menus that are internationalized with Builder 3?
I.e. it should behave like the default Confluence interface - it should be displayed in the language set by the user (or set for the space).



  1. Unknown User (ericbardoux)

    No answer here? I'm very interested into it, as far as i have french, english, and spanish customers...


  2. Unknown User (clentz)


    I have the same question as Eric.

    I'm looking how to create a multi-language wiki

  3. Unknown User (

    Same question. We'd like to be able to have Confluence in two languages, selected in user preferences.

    r. Ville

  4. Unknown User (

    If, as it seems, Builder doesn't support i18n at this time, is it possible to check in a Builder panel which language the user has selected in Confluence?

    r. Ville

    1. Builder 4 is gradually adding i18n support ... as to languages in a panel, this is usually dealt with by separating the alternate language content into separate spaces, the language of the panels is then defined by the language of the space.

      You may also use the {i18n:key} macro to retrieve i18n values in your panels/content

      1. Unknown User (


        I'm looking at translating the bits of interface that do not come from the Confluence translation, but from what I put into Builder. The content will be in whatever language it is produced in, so there will be no need for separate spaces.

        There won't be very much to translate, but I have to be able to choose between two alternatives for some expressions and probably between which widget to display. The i18n kay, flags and some show-if:s should do the trick.

        I Builder 4 comes out in the next few weeks, I'll consider using that.

        r. Ville

        1. locale= switching added to builder 4.0.0-M10 (big grin)

          Locales are specified in the formats: country/country_language/country_language_variant eg: "en", "de_DE", "_GB", "en_US_WIN", "de__POSIX", "fr__MAC"

          1. Unknown User (richardw2c)

            I am new to Confluence, if I understand correctly your message, I can swith to French language. But, please, where and how I do that?

            "locale= switching", is that an option, somewhere in Theme Builder?

            Thanks for your help

            1. locale = switching == being able to display text based on a user's locale ... it does not allow you to set a user's locale, that is done through the user's preferences IIRC.

              1. Unknown User (richardw2c)

                Hello Alain and bear with me for my bad grasp of English language. The Confluence wiki is set on French, and I would like French menus in the space that I am making now with Them Builder. I do not see where I can do that.

                1. If your only language is French then I would suggest just editing the view & edit menus through the menus tab in your layout, alternatively you can create your own menus either from scratch or based on the atlassian menus using the webui-list macro (examples in the confluence 2.10 layout)

                  1. Unknown User (richardw2c)

                    Ok, thanks for your answer, Alain, I'll edit menus.

  5. Unknown User (

    Looks like I'm all sorted for now.

    I set my top-level layout to accept velocity and put this in there:

    #set ($user_lang_pref = $action.localeString)
    #if ($user_lang_pref == "fi_FI")

    Now it looks like I can access the flag in the Builder bits I need to localize. The Finnish Confluence translation takes care of the rest.

    r. Ville