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I'm sure someone has done this before with builder, I took a shot or two then moved on to other things. ^^

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  1. IE doesnt deal very well with fixed heights, but you can set the page height and this should get applied to the outer table that contains/defines the layout.

    1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

      I tried setting both min-height and height for the page panel in layout/panel view with no effect (in ffox at least).

      I suppose I could set a height in css so IE will use it as min-height and then holly hack height to auto or something for the rest.

      been a while since i dealt with this issue, but I'll try out:

      1. Even the 'standards compliant' IE7 completely ignores the min/max width/height settings .. you need to set the height and ensure that the overflow is set to auto.

        you need to use the page height since that is the ONLY one which gets applied to the outer table ... you may still find however that IE still ignores this .. you can fudge it by setting the heights of the panels.

        1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

          panels still aren't doing anything. .atb-shell didn't do anything. no .page or #page present according to MRI.

          true on ie7. just use the conditional comment css if i'm going to specify fixed height and overflow.

          1. are you setting this through the GUI or doing it manually in your own css?

            1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

              both - i tried gui panels first then my own css.

              the sidebar is growing in length to the point where i can probably put a little invisible something in the bottom and not have to worry about things.