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We were using the menuicon macro to insert icons into both Theme Builder menus and in the body of non-Theme Builder pages. This icon now is rendered with a proceeding <p> <p> tags. I realize this is related to the inline change that occurred in Confluence 3.x. Without a fix to this we will have to stop using the menuicon macro and its collection of nice icons.

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Which version of Builder do you have installed? Atlassian changed the way macros render in Confluence 3.x and we've been updating all our macros in recent versions of plugins to remove the unwanted paragraph tags.

    1. In confluence 3.0 Atlassian changed the way that the isInline method of BaseMacro is interpreted ... this is the reason why the extra <p> tags have appeared.

      In confluence 3.1 the isInline method has become deprecated, I'm hoping to get more information out of the atlassian devlopers this week while at atlas-camp to find out what's going on, but by the looks of things they are going to implement the fix for these <p> tags in the renderer (the place it belongs)

    2. Unknown User (don_gamble)

      We have 3.3.5-conf210 installed with Confluence 3.0.2.

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        The latest milestone of 3.3.6 should solve it, but not sure if you'd want to run it on a production environment until final release.

        1. Unknown User (don_gamble)

          Thank's we will consider installing in our test environment.

          BTW, is this same issue fixed in an upcoming version of the tm macro?

          Thanks in advance,

          1. Unknown User (gfraser)

            Yup - latest Content Formatting Macros plugin avail from repository fixes tm macro and many others. I think span macro slipped through the net though - got someone looking in to that at the moment.

            Most of the site customisations we're doing for customers are now on Confluence 3.x so we'll be weeding out any remaining issues more quickly.

            1. Unknown User (don_gamble)

              Guy, I apologize for being off topic - but thanks for taking the time to address our issues with the tm macro.

              I just tried

              {tm}Google{tm} and {tm}Microsoft{tm} are new,
              but {tm}IBM{tm} is older.

              in our test instance of Confluence 3.0.2 with version 1.6.12 (latest) of the Content Formatting Macros and I get each trademarked item on a new line. The resulting HTML is:

              <span class="tm mark "><b>Google</b><small><sup>TM</sup></small></span>
              <p> and </p>
              <span class="tm mark "><b>Microsoft</b><small><sup>TM</sup></small></span>
              <p> are new,<br>but </p>
              <span class="tm mark "><b>IBM</b><small><sup>TM</sup></small></span>
              <p> is older.</p>

              Is there a newer Content Formatting Plugin that the repository isn't finding?

              Thanks a lot,