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I'm trying to build a horizontal main menu bar, and following the instructions from here:

I've created the pages 'projects', 'services', 'about' in the same space.

I've entered the following into the Layout editor:

{menuitem}{menulink:home}Home Page{menulink}{menuitem}

But the only option that shows up in the menu bar is 'Home Page'.

What am I doing wrong?

thanks dave

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    Is there anybody there?

    1. Unknown User (

      Hello Dave,

      your menulinks won't work, since there are no aliases like projects or services (there is a list somewhere on this site, which aliases could be used). To access certain wiki pages via menu links, use the wikipage item. Here's what I am using:



      1. Unknown User (

        thanks very much christian, that's a really good help. Do you know if there's any documentation on this?

        1. Unknown User (

          Sure, you could look here and here.