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Is there any way I can link to an "import Doc" feature to import a Word doc to make the content of the page?

I only see export as word at the following page:

If it's not possible to make a menu item... how can I give the user an ability to import as Word when using theme builder?

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  1. Unknown User (jamie.zabel)

    I had this exact same question today, and by piecing together info on the site I ended up with the following wiki markup:

    {menuitem}{menulink:webui|location=system.content.action/secondary|key=importworditem1}Import from Document{menulink}{menuitem}

    Try this in your menu bar and see if it works for you as well. It uses the webui information found on this page and information found on this page

    Good luck!

    1. Unknown User (jpermar)

      Jamie, you're a lifesaver. Thank you!

  2. Unknown User (dmatsum)

    If you are using 3.3.1 or newer, it would be easier to create a link alias to the Import Word item and then link to the alias normally using the compound-menuitem macro. Aliases are created via the Builder Administration section. This method also allows any default icons to be used, etc.