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Is there a way to export and import a Theme Builder theme from one Confluence instance to another?

We are developing themes in our Confluence development instance, and want to move it to the production instance soon. Unfortunately, thru my searching, I haven't found a way to do an export/import of the theme. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. That's what the Backup tab is for (wink)

  2. Unknown User (

    Ha... oops. I was looking for a place in the Manage Builder Layouts instead of the Builder Administration.

    Thanks very much. :-D

  3. Unknown User (blaisbr)

    This import/export is usable only by the wiki administrators and not anymore by the space owners ?

      1. Unknown User (blaisbr)

        Bad news for me (sad)

        We have more than 100 spaces with ThemeBuilder and if it is not usable anymore by the space owners, it will come back to the wiki admin...

        We have no possibility to delegate it to the sapce owners?

        1. Unknown User (gfraser)

          Builder 3.x and above has features that allow themes to define javascript, html mods, etc. As such, allowing space admins to upload backups containing such config would pose a security risk - hence the restore option being admin-only.

          You can, however, allow users to edit their space theme - see Making Builder 3.x behave like Builder 2.x. In most cases this should suffice.

          1. It's not so much the security risk of the js etc, but the fact that layouts can be used by multiple spaces, so one space admin can mess up the layout data for a large number of spaces that they may not be the admin for.

            The document Guy has linked to goes partway there to hobbling 3.x into behaving in a similar fashion to 2.x, however making the backups work in the same way will require considerable investment in coding to check that the user uploading/downloading has layout level permission and space level permission to be doing what they are doing.

            The backup code cant just check the user has permission on the one space, it needs to check all of the spaces that the layout is used in, and this needs to be done for each layout in the backup file, and this needs to be done before any of the layouts in the backup file are processed.

            To put it simply this is a non-trivial task and there are very few users to whom this is an important feature, however if this feature is of vital importantnce to you then we can prepare a quote for making it happen.

            1. Unknown User (

              Hi Alain,

              I'm with Bruno Blaise:
              In the EC (European Commission) we have lots (really a lot) of spaces using Theme Builder (and thousand of users) Not only: new spaces are created every day and space administrators use the theme builder to design it. The feature we are speaking about is, therefore, quite important.

              We would appreciate quite a lot to have a solution for this.

              1. If you would like to group together and pay for the updates then I'm sure we can make this happen ... it's not something we plan to do without the work being funded.