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I'm using Adaptavist Theme Builder (3.3.5-conf210) in Confluence 3.0.0_01.
I created a new layout "pedro layout", child of default.
When i go to Manage Builder Layouts, he uses the default layout instead my new one.
In (Theme Builder>Builder Administration>Default layouts) i set current default to "pedro layout".
Hope you understand my doubt... Thanks

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  1. Ensure that you dont have the DEFAULT layout forcibly selected ... go to manage-layouts (using firefox) and ensure that the layout selected is the 'automatic layout'

    1. Unknown User (bonder)

      1. Unknown User (agc)

        How do you designate the automatic layout? I can't find it in Manage Layouts....

        1. Unknown User (gfraser)

          Theme Administration in the site Administration Console - there's a 'defaults' tab that lets you set the default layout to use for personal/global spaces.

          1. Unknown User (agc)

            Thanks, Guy-

            I set the layout in the Admin Console as you said. It seemed to work, because when I brought up the dashboard page before logging in, my layout (named TEST) appeared. After login, the Default (from Theme Builder) layout displayed.

            Note: Using FF and cleared the caches...

            I went back to the Admin Console, to the Defaults tab. When I clicked on TEST, the preview panel showed my new layout. But when I click on TEST, then clicked on the Preview button, the selection changed from TEST to Default, and the preview displayed the Theme Builder default.

            I finally got the theme changed by changing it in space admin rather site admin.

            I'd still love any ideas about how to make this work for choosing a global layout. I'm still in a test environment, but will be taking it live soon.