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I've gone through the examples and haven't figured out any systematic means of figuring out webui links. Unless there is such a way, I think the best option is to just ask you how I should be entering these. As you can see, I am using compound-menuitem:custom links that I expect you are going to tell me are the wrong way to do this.

 {compound-menuitem:custom|link=|icon=id_card_edit|caption=Edit Profile}
 {compound-menuitem:custom|link=|icon=eye|caption=Space and Page Watches}
 {compound-menuitem:custom|link=|icon=eye|caption=Page Family Watches}
 {compound-menuitem:custom|link=|icon=users3|caption=Community Membership}
 {compound-menuitem:custom|link=|icon=users|caption=Manage Users Watching Current Space}

The last one is intended to invoke and doesn't actually work. The first six do.

How should these be entered? How could I have figured this out myself?

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  1. You should be using menulink aliases since these both allow you to define the urls centrally as well as directly linking to installed webui items.

    1. Unknown User (tewolff)

      Alain: It just took me a while to recognize the need and utility of the menulink aliases. They have worked well. The variety of Confluence and Adaptavist items to which aliases can be assigned let me to create additional, helpful menu items. Your help page is good too.