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I'm working on a set of fairly complicated custom menus for our intranet and with using the submenu macro with the compound-menuitem macro, each menuitem has a space on the left side for an icon. If I'm not planning on using icons, is there a way to remove that empty space?

This may not be specific to the submenu/compound-menuitem system, but I've got the menus just about where I want them, so I'd rather not re-engineer it and all of the custom css. I've tried setting the menuicon to none, or noicon, but that doesn't get rid of it.

Also, unless I'm mistaken, there must be some CSS associated with the icon space because during my experimentation, the background for the actual menuitem was different than the background for the icon. If I was changing the background for hover or active in the CSS, the small square where the icon would go, did not change. I've looked over the custom css info here for themebuilder, but I've not come across any specific CSS info for that piece.


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