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I recently installed Builder 3.3.3, and my menus have all gone wrong.
I have even tried to revert back to ´default´ and it doesn´t render correctly.
A pink message appears: Error formatting macro: compound menu item.

I´m trying everything to try to set it straight. Default doesn´t work. Even simple compound menu items such as:

{compound-menuitem:normalView|icon=document_plain|caption=Normal view}

doesn´t work for some reason.

Please help!

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  1. Unknown User (mkubik)

    To be a bit more specific, it´s the Export as PDF/Word, Email, View Normal, View Print Preview---those compound menu items for some reason doesn´t work. Even reverting to the default seems to not work.


    1. We might be able to help you further if you gave us some examples of the markup you are using.

      Those links are present in 3.3.3 and they do work, so the problem is likely to be either your markup, the context you are using them in, or your server configuration.

    2. Unknown User (gfraser)

      The export options will only show if the current user has "Export" permission granted in space admin.

      As for view normal / printable, etc., those should always appear IIRC. The printable view might require a print layout to be defined on the Options Tab?

  2. Unknown User (gfraser)

    @Melanie - the email address you've specified on our site doesn't work, mailbox not found. So you won't be getting comment notifications for this topic - to fix the email address, use Profile tab at top of this page.

  3. Unknown User (mkubik)

    {submenu}Esta página
    {compound-menuitem:exportPDF|icon=pdfdoc|class=shrink-width|tooltip=Export to Acrobat (.pdf)...}
    {compound-menuitem:exportWord|icon=word|class=shrink-width|tooltip=Export to MS Word (.doc)...}
    {compound-menuitem:printableView|icon=printer|class=shrink-width|tooltip=Printer-friendly version}
     {submenu}{menuicon:documents}Otras páginas
      {compound-menuitem:map|icon=document_into|caption=Mapa del Sitio}
      {compound-menuitem:activity|icon=line-chart|caption=Actividad del %Space% }
      {compound-menuitem:people|icon=users3|caption=Directorio de personal}
      {compound-menuitem:profile|icon=id_card|caption=Preferencias: %fullname%}
      {compound-menuitem:login|icon=user1_into|caption=Log in}
      {compound-menuitem:logout|icon=door2|caption=Log out}
    {compound-menuitem:comments|flat=true|caption=Mostrar comentarios (%count%)}

    Here is part of the code, hopefully it helps although it´s in spanish. The main concern is in the first three compound menu items. Right now a PDF icon and a Word icon shows up, but the Print View option doesn´t show up at all. I´m just confused because I would have easily just have used the default but that doesn´t even work.

    Also, as a side question that I´m hoping one of you might answer, how can I create the same ´bookmark menu´ that Adaptavist has? Where the star becomes a drop down menu with bookmark page, and bookmark space are options underneath. I´m looking like crazy for some kind of code but no luck.

    Thank you!

    1. Try giving them a caption, eg:

      {compound-menuitem:exportPDF|caption=Export PDF|icon=pdfdoc|class=shrink-width|tooltip=Export to Acrobat (.pdf)...}
      {compound-menuitem:exportWord|caption=Export Word|icon=word|class=shrink-width|tooltip=Export to MS Word (.doc)...}
      {compound-menuitem:printableView|caption=Printable view|icon=printer|class=shrink-width|tooltip=Printer-friendly version}

      For the 'bookmark menu' take a look at the watch-menu macro

      1. Unknown User (mkubik)

        Thanks Alain,

        The first two works. For some reason it´s that same Printview that doesn´t work. Really have no idea why.

        As for the ´bookmark menu´, I took a look at the watch-menu, and replaced it with the bookmark or favourite option. It works, however, there´s an eye for the menu icon which is quite frightening. How can I change that eye to a star?

        Thanks again

        1. Unknown User (mkubik)

          I would like to put this as just an icon that drops down into two options like it is in the top right.

          Is it possible to do this without a menubar? I want to put this in my navigation menu, next to my search box. Just a simple star with the two options.

          Sorry to be difficult, still learning the ropes...

          1. No it's not possible to use the watch-menu macro and have it appear as you request without using a menubar ... you can however just add a menubar with only the watch-menu macro (as taken from the example on the documentation for the macro) in it - this should give you the effect you are after.

            By default the printable view looks exactly like the default view, to define a printable view you first need to create the layout that describes what you want to appear on the printer, you should then go to the options tab of your main layout and set it to use your new print layout.

    2. Unknown User (hboer1965)


      I am just wondering what the class=shrink-width does.

      Regards, Herman.