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I'm trying to use the builder-show macro in combination with permission=edit, but not getting the result I'd expected.

I've got the following in my wiki markup:


When I view the page with this content as an anonymous user, which cannot edit the page, I still see the text "permission=edit" appear.

I'm om Confluence 3.1 and the latest version of the Theme Builder plugin.

I could have sworn this worked before on Confluence 3.0 and an earlier version of Theme Builder, but I do not have that environment anymore to test it.

Hope someone can shed some light...



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  1. Unknown User (p)

    Once again got fooled when pasting in wiki markup into the rich Text editor...

    This is the wiki markup I have on my page:


    1. Wrap it in a {code} macro (wink)

      PS: withuser= is not compatible with permission=

      1. Unknown User (p)

        Sorry, I see that the second time I pasted it in, I forgot to remove the "|withuser" part.

        I only added that to test if that would make a difference, but it didn't...

        So, the wiki markup I have is:


        (tnx for the code tip (smile))

  2. Unknown User (p)

    Should this work, or am I missing the point on permissions for the builder-show macro?


    1. Yes it does work ... I would suggest checking your permission scheme.

      1. Unknown User (p)

        Well, Anonymous users, on Space level only have permissions to "View" and "To create comments"

        I would say that this would mean that they do not have edit permissions, or?

      2. Unknown User (p)

        Hi Alain,

        I had my sys-admin fire up the VM where we had Confluence 3.0 running to test if this stuff worked in 3.0 and there it does work properly, with the same settings for anonymous users, but no matter what I try in Confluence 3.1, I cannot get the stuff to be hidden using "builder-show:permission=edit" for anonymous users.

        Even on a simple page, with nothing more that the builder-show macro, the content within the macro is just visible to anonymous users who's only permission is to "View" pages and to "Create comments"

        Bit lost here on what next to try...

        1. Aha ... you appear to have found a buglet (big grin)

          This will be fixed in Builder 4.0.2 which we expect to release next Wednesday.

          1. Unknown User (p)

            Tnx for checking this out!