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{builder-favicon} Macro


This macro adds a "favourite" icon to your layout. Clicking the (star) adds or removes the page, blog or space from your favourites list:

  • When viewing a page, the icon adds/removes the page from your favourites
  • When viewing a news article (blog post), the icon adds/removes the article from your favourites
  • When viewing anything else within a space (eg. popular labels, recent updates, etc), the icon adds/removes the space from your favourites



This macro can only be used inside panels within the theme configuration screen. You cannot use it in pages or news articles, etc.


This macro has no parameters.


Basic Use

Add the macro to any panel in theme configuration to display the favourites icon in that panel:


CSS Customisation

To follow.

Hints and Tips

You should only use this macro once within a layout (i.e. in one panel).

If you want the favourites feature to appear in a menu, use the menulink macro with a destination of favourite.

Frequently Asked Questions

None at present.

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