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When a comment is posted, we're not getting that comment to display without doing one of two things:

either clicking where the text should be next to "So&SO says:" or "Collapse all" (because "expand all" doesn't show until after clicking on "collapse all"

this is the code we are using for our comments area (and I've commented out all custom CSS pertaining to the comments):


We have the "force comments to show" option checked and in our other spaces comments are working as desired, though I think this is the only space using Theme Builder.


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  1. Unknown User (

    Still awaiting some sort of direction for this problem.

    1. Your wiki-markup is invalid ... you have an extraneous {div} macro in there.

      To debug your usage of builder show, try adding in extra content so that you can see what is happening, eg:


      For more in-depth and prompt support you will need to take out a support contract.

      1. Unknown User (

        Thanks for the quick reply but that doesn't really touch the issue of why the comments aren't displaying properly. At this point, we are using nothing but


        and the comments still don't display unless you click next to the user name or on "collapse all."

        Obviously, clicking on collapse all shouldn't show the comments but hide them when in fact it's doing just the opposite.

        If you can't offer any help for that, maybe you could tell me what the standard Confluence macro for comments is so we can try that instead of builder-comments.

        Thanks again!

        1. builder-comments is the default confluence code - it a pass-through to the atlassian velocity code to render your comments decorator:

          #set ($action = $helper.action)##
          #set ($threadComments = $action.threadComments)##
          #set ($replyToComment = $action.replyToComment)##
          #set ($remoteUser = $action.remoteUser)##
          #if ($action.commentsShowing)##
          <div class="commentsBlock">
              #decoratorParam("sitemeshPage" $sitemeshPage)
              #decoratorParam("page" $
              #decoratorParam("context" "comments")

          It is labeled with the builder- denomination since it needs to be run in a builder panel so that it can gain access to the information that allows the comments decorator to think it is being rendered from the page.vmd!

          I would suggest that you ensure that all customisations to the comments decorator have been removed and that you are using the default confluence decorator code - the problems you describe are likely to have come from a customised decorator.

          1. Unknown User (

            Just wanted to say thanks again for the tips. After some mucking around one thing we've noticed is if we turn off the Confluence CSS, everything shows as it should but the JS doesn't work at all (as would be expected).

            I'll be going through the custom CSS to see if there is any additional comments-specific css to delete (which was one of the first things we did).