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I thought I'd ask about one of the issues I mentioned in my comment here, as it's more important than the others in terms of immediate usability, etc:

the blog titles are linked to the 'raw' page IDs, rather than to the news items' titles (which is far nicer to look at, etc). Is there any way to change this, or is doing this just an enhancement item?

I'd like to find a way around this ASAP – linking to each posts' permalink or to its "normal" title would be far preferable to using its raw page id. If there's no easy fix, I think I might just hack it with javascript until there is – we really don't want to have users linking back to our site with raw page id's, if it's at all avoidable.

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  1. That would be a enhancement request ... raw page Id's are used to avoid problems with odd characters in the page title (specifically unicode characters) as the /display/SPACEKEY/pagename filter is not capable of coping with these kinds of characters.

    1. Unknown User (cemerick)

      Since I'm not familiar with Confluence's inner workings, I don't quite grok that, but I'd suggest that, if not titles, just use the permalink – it'll redirect to the titled page on its own if that's available, and it's (I presume) an easy tweak. (So says the semi-anon commentator :-P)

      1. I've added that to the next release of 3.4.0, however I'm not sure when that will be out ... if you want you can make this change for yourself by decompressing the .jar file (rename it to .zip) and edit the /templates/macros/blogs/*.vm files ... the change you need to make should be relatively obvious, you can then recompress the tree back to a zip, rename it back to a jar and upload it.

        1. Unknown User (cemerick)

          For anyone else coming across this....

          Until 3.4.0 hits, I'm using a user macro that I call fixup-blog-list-links that is placed after the blog-list macro usage that emits this (I'm no jquery maestro, so be gentle (smile)):

          ## swap out blog-list title links to 'raw' page ids for their associated permalinks
          <script type="text/javascript">
          AJS.$(document).ready(function() {
             AJS.$(".bloglist > .post").each(function(i) {
                var permalink = AJS.$(".permalink > a", AJS.$(this))[0].href;
                AJS.$(".title > a", AJS.$(this))[0].href = permalink;