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{blog-calendar} Macro

(warning) Under Consruction


The blog-calendar macro isused to display a calendar view of available blogposts....




the "Ver" column shows which version of Theme Builder the parameter became available in.





Theme Panels Only





The space whose posts should be shown






the month which should be shown (@context/@today/@creation/@modified/MMyyy)




Basic Use

Add the {blog-calendar} macro to a page or panel where you want to display a calendar of blog posts


Which gives:

This defaults to the @context date scheme which means that when you are viewing a blogpost then the creation date will be used, when you are viewing the blog archive then the relevant month will be used for the date you are viewing, and when used anywhere else the current date will be used.


Display blog posts for the date the page was created


To display a calendar of blog posts for the month that the currently viewed page was created


Similarly you can display a list of posts for the month that this page was last modifed




CSS Customisation

To follow

Hints and Tips

None at present.

Frequently Asked Questions

None at present.

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  1. Unknown User (

    The blog-calendar, -list and -archive macros would be just perfect if they included the labels option with boolean AND and OR. That would allow us to have blogs/news of several categories in a single space.

    r. Ville

  2. Unknown User (

    Is there a way to include a list of spaces or all spaces like space=* or spaces=a,b,c?

  3. Unknown User (

    Alain - is there any plan to make this configurable through the use of labels?