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I have had several users complain that our layout isn't intuitive enough when it comes to attachments. When a document is attached to the page, right now they would have to go up to the drop-down menus to see them. The solution - at least it seemed like a solution - was to simply embed the attachments macro in the page theme, and have them automatically listed. There was a simple "No attachments" message listed in a gray div by default, and all was well with the world.

The problem comes when users try to add new attachments. In the default attachment page, the files are listed twice, and it is very confusing. I guess my questions is this: How do you make it clear to your users that pages have attachments, but not list them? Or if it is possible, how do I set up my theme so that my attachments macro is hidden on the default attachments page that lets people upload documents?


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  1. {builder-hide:mode=view-attachments}{attachments}{builder-hide}
    1. Unknown User (okmi)

      perfect - should have spent more time looking through that macro's properties. thanks!