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I am really liking what I see with Confluence and especially now with Theme Builder. I have installed my first instance of Confluence to play with, 3.1 beta. Can I use the early access TB 4.0 with this version of Confluence? I figure I should evaluate with these versions because that's what I'd want to deploy from the start. Any suggestions?

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  1. In builder 4 we have completely rewritten the backend UI as part of our move away from ext-js towards jQuery & enabling us to add more i18n functionality.

    As a result the backend UI is in a bit of a state at the moment, lots of stuff is broken or barely working, the next milestone of 4 will go a long way to resolving a most of these problems, however there will still be rough edges everywhere.

    If you are looking to go for a production system soon then I would recommend 3.3.6 with confluence 2.10 since IMO confluence 3.0 has too many rendering & cluster-safety issues for real world use.

    1. Unknown User (emrandle)

      Thanks Alain for the quick response. How different will my experience between 3.3.6 and 4 be? JQuery sounds interesting if it means I can customize page content with data from database queries. Are the problems you sited with Confluence 3.0 fixed in 3.1 and is 3.3.6 compatible with 3.1? Plus, if I'm using Theme Builder, is the version of Confluence that important?

      Thanks again.

      1. Builder 4 adds some pretty major features, off the top of my head there is:

        • Completely redesigned layout manager, layout chooser & theme admin, removing ext-js and all of the IE problems it caused.
        • Two new panels called 'ad bars' - like sidebars but from top to bottom of the layout including the header & footer, but without slider handles.
        • Layout resources - this one has been a long time in the making, instead of attaching images to pages for use when dressing the theme, you now attach them to the layout. Usual hierarchy rules apply (so you can have a 'header-background.jpg' in your parent and either use that one or replace it with your own without editing any markup.
        • Zipped backups - layout backups are now zip files & include all of their associated resources which will make moving layouts between servers a simple task and enable a layout repository of sample layouts.
        • {menubar} now supports confluence 3.x security tokens
        • Support for confluence 3.1.x
        • Support for the macro browser

        While builder can abstract you from the majority of the foibles of confluence versions, it cant abstract you from bugs in the release of confluence you are running it on.

        We have no plans to make 3.3.6 compatible with confluence 3.1.

        1. Unknown User (emrandle)

          Alain, how do I install 3.3.6 onto Confluence 2.10.4? The plugin repository only shows up to 3.3.5 and wants payment. Is 3.3.6 free as described on the home page? I downloaded the jar, what's the best way to proceed?

          1. 3.3.5 is free too however Atlassian dont deem it a priority to make it possible for commercial plugins to be labeled as free ... gotta love em (wink)

            You'll have the same 'problem' with 3.3.6 when it finally gets released to the repository in the next week or so!

            We don't put our early-access releases onto PAC since the new web interface for creating the metadata is so time-consuming to use when you need to maintain two different versions for different releases of confluence that it's not worth the hassle, as such we put all of our early releases on our website, and suggest that users use the older 'plugins' link for installing them since it is more stable than the repository.