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The Quick Navigation search function in Conf 2.10.xx is something I want to include in the header of my custom theme (Builder 3.3.2-conf2.10). How can this be done?

I've placed html used in the confluence theme search into my theme header content:

	<form id="quick-search" method="get" action="/dosearchsite.action">
			<legend>Quick Search</legend>
			<input id="quick-search-query" type="text" accessKey="q" autocomplete="off" name="queryString" size="25"/>
			<input id="quick-search-submit" type="submit" value="Search"/>
		<fieldset class="hidden parameters">
			<input type="hidden" id="quickSearchPlaceholder" value="Quick Search <ctrl>-q">
			<input type="hidden" id="quickNavEnabled" value="true">


To no avail. I get the same search behavior as if I used a search-box macro.

Anyone have any ideas?

Is there a way to get the Quick Navigation search functionality in a custom theme?

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  1. Not at this time ... it's likely going to require the addttion of a macro to builder itself.

    1. Unknown User (

      So what exactly are you guys using for your search in the new website?

      I tried the LiveSearch macro but doesnt work like the Quick Navigation

      1. we added a new macro to 3.3.4 and 3.4.0 called {builder-search} - there are no parameters to this macro, it just re-uses the internal confluence code for generating the quick-search.

        NB: this macro requires 2.10 to work, it will not give you quick-search functionality in previous releases of confluence.

        1. Unknown User (scayla)

          I know that your builder-search macro is NOT the livesearch macro, but I kinda need a functionnality, and I don't think your builder-search macro does the trick :
          Is there some parameters I can specify to search only in a specific space such as

          • spaceKey - This option searches within a single space.

          (I'm taking the livesearch macro as reference for the parameter)

          Thanks for your answer.

          1. Builder-search just pulls in the confluence quick-search functionality, it does not implement that functionality - it is a pass-through in much the same way as builder-labels, builder-children & builder-comments dont actually implement those features, they just pull them from the base confluence install.

            We have no plans to implement our own quick-search, if you need this to make this happen then we can prepare a quote for it, but it isnt going to be cheap (wink)

            1. Unknown User (scayla)

              So, if it's based on the quick-search functionnality, I should be able to modify the quick-search macro as described here to be able to search (at least) in the current space. I'll also have to modify quick-search.vm in Builder I guess to make it work correctly. It may work... (smile)

  2. Unknown User (stacyhills)

    Oh, that is very nice, indeed!

    Thanks Alain.

    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      It will be once we get the positioning right on the pop-up suggestion list. Atlassian hard coded the position of the list based on the default theme so we need to do some tweaking to get it to appear in the right place.

      1. Mark already added code to fix that ... if you have an example of it not working then you should create an issue in the BSUP project and assign it to Mark.

  3. Unknown User (slane00)

    This sounds great - just what I need. But I can't find it in Builder 3.4.0-M1-conf210. Is it not in any of the available prerelease versions yet?

    1. Correct, quick search is not in 3.4.0-M1 ... it is in M2 which we expect to release later this week, also in 3.3.4 as used on this site.