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Hello all,

I'm trying to make sense of the upgrade documention from ThemeBuilder 2 to 3.

We've upgraded Confluence from 2.6 to 2.9 which is forcing the upgrade to Theme Builder 3.

I have a test environment (Confluence 2.9 and Builder 3.3.2) now loaded with all our prod data .

I have about 400 spaces that each have their own custom configuration of the Theme Builder 2 theme.

Can someone give me the Idiot's Guide to the best way to upgrade these space configuration to Builder 3?



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  1. Unknown User (plaverty)

    I'd love to get an answer to this as well, as I agree that the documentation isn't all that clear, or I'm just not reading in the right places. I know I need to copy over layouts from my old Confluence server to my new one (going from 2.5.3 to 2.10), but I don't know where they are or how to do that. If that became apparent to me, I'd probably be in a better place.

    Good luck David!


    1. Unknown User (trenchy)

      Hi Patrick,

      We just did this on our staging machine and it seemed to work well:

      1. Login as application admin.
      2. Go to "Confluence Admin"
      3. Choose "Builder Administration"
      4. Choose "Backup" tab.
      5. In the "Import 2.0.x space configurations": Set "Space Key" to Import All
        and Check "Associate with Space"
      6. Press "Import" button
      7. Takes a few minutes.

      It looks like it's done a good job apart from applying some custom CSS that we had in the 2.x themes. Trying to figure that out now.


      1. Unknown User (plaverty)

        Thanks David! That's awesome. Maybe I just need to read the docs better.

        It got a lot of the layouts, but it missed at least one. Any guesses on that? How do I get the missing one(s) imported? I'm looking in the "Import All" dropdown and I don't see this space key listed there either.

        I'm guessing these are really just xml files on the server that need to be moved from one location to another. Or maybe I can simply go to my old production server and get the file from there, but I just don't know where these layouts are stored.

        So that's great, that was a huge sticking point for me.

        Thanks David!!

        1. Unknown User (trenchy)

          It's not you. I read the docs too but they are very ambiguous.

          No ideas why the process didn't catch one of your themes.

          You could try going to the space on production and in the configure theme page select "File > Download Settings". That will create the XML file for you on your desktop.

          Then you could try the import feature in the Backup tab that allows you to select a 2.x file.

          Just a guess.