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For some reason this message is displayed in stead/on top of my navigation menu: Unknown macro:


It happened after upgrading the builder theme through the plugin repository.. For some reason, I have been running 3.0.0_01 ver. of Confluence - and 3.3.4 Conf210 (the one available through the repository). After upgrading the 3.3.4 Conf210 throught the repository, the message appeared. Now I have installed 3.3.4, and the message is still there.. Any suggestions?

Yes. The compatibility plugin is disabled..

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  1. The table macro is provided by the content formatting plugin. Please ensure that you have it (and the page information plugin) installed.

  2. Unknown User (

    Ok. A simple restart of Confluence solved the problem. But now the admin interface of Theme builder wont load. Any known issues here, when "upgrading" from 3.3.4 conf210 to 3.3.4?