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Theme Builder


Using a space that has had an Adaptavist Theme applied to it, I've been trying to restrict pages to a user or group without any success.

When entering edit mode for the page, I clicked the EDIT text next to the restriction heading. The dialog appears, I can search groups or type in the name of a person or group that is valid. When I click the "Restrict" button, the field value disappears but no restriction is visible for the page. The auto complete functionality lists me options based on what I type, but the user icon is always grayed out – selection wipes out the value in the field entirely.

The only way I was able to restrict the page was to:

  1. Change the theme to a native Confluence theme
  2. Navigate back to the page I want to restrict access to
  3. The Restriction dialog now displays icons in colour, and clicking the restrict button works
  4. Change the theme back to the Adaptavist theme
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  1. Hi Andrew,
    please try our latest pre-release version of Theme Builder 4.2, which you can find here. This contains a fix for the Page Restrictions Dialog.

    1. Unknown User (abarnes)


      Thanks, but this is implemented in Production. I'll have to wait until it's released.

  2. Unknown User (abarnes)

    Upgraded to Theme Builder v4.2 - tested, confirmed the issue is fixed.