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hey guys, it seems that the search box has been removed from the title content area. And my vertical browser scroll bars disappear when on IE6 or IE7. Any ideas?

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  1. Unknown User (sfwinter)

    Thanks Alain. After installing this version, it doesnt seem to be working at all. The error on pages using themebuilder reads:

    $layout.docType $themebuilder.getCacheTags($req) $themebuilder.getRssFeeds($req)

    Access Keys:

    Skip to content (Access Key - 0)
    The EULA has not yet been accepted by a system administrator

    Please install the Content Formatting Macros

    Please install the Page Information Plugin

    and we have accepted the EULA and the Content and Page info macros are installed.

    Any ideas?

    1. Unknown User (sfwinter)

      disregard. Looks like we needed to uninstall the old one.

  2. Unknown User (

    I am running a local standalone of Confluence 3.0.1 on Mac OS X with Builder 3.3.5. Everything has been running smoothly since I installed everything a couple weeks ago (accepted the EULA, installed necessary macros & plugins, etc.) and now suddenly I am getting the same error message that Sean mentioned above.

    I've done a full refresh/restart cycle... run, reset my browser (cleared history, cache, etc.) restarted my machine and then ran but still getting the same message.

    Any ideas??

    1. what did you change just before it died?

  3. Unknown User (lumina)

    We are using Theme Builder 4.0.2 with Confluence 3.1.1 and I have an issue in the space where this theme is used, the browsers right hand scroll bar has disappered, and I cannot even use page down to scroll down. I am not sure if this is the cause, but it appears to have disappered after playing with enabling/disabling the Right Side bar, and enabling/disabling the Right Slider. I was testing to see how these look in the theme. How do I restore the vertical scroll bar of the browser??

    This is only happening in the space that has the Theme Builder theme, if I switch to another space then its working fine! Please help!

    1. It will be being caused by your layout code .. append ?layout=default to the URL to force builder to use it's internal defaults and the problem will go away.

      1. Unknown User (lumina)

        Hi Alain
        Thank you very much for your prompt response! I am new to this theme therefore if you could please provide additional details on how to force builder to use its internal defaults that would be very helpful?

        1. Like this:

          In all seriousness - builder 4.0.2 works great with confluence 3.1 & 3.2 ... if you are having problems then they are coming from your layout!

          Builder is so flexible it is relatively easy to break confluence with it!

          For instance changing your doctype is a great way to generate really weird problems, but the option is there so that people who know what they are doing can take advantage of it.

          Similarly, switching off the confluence css & js will break almost every client-side snazzy macro out there, but if you are trying to create a layout for users in the 3rd world with limited bandwidth, or an ultra-lightweight mobile layout then these options are a godsend.

          1. Unknown User (lumina)

            In the example you provided, I see the vertical scroll bar on the right!

            I also appended ?layout=default to the URL and it didnt work. Additionally I also tried enforcing the following parametes for the Custom Layouts in my space:
            Content Panel - Height=Auto/Width=100%/Overflow=Auto
            Page - Height=Auto/Width=Auto/Overflow=Auto
            Now if I access this same space in Firefox, I get my vertical scroll bar.

            It appears that the default layout itself is not displaying the vertical scroll bar. I tested this by creating a new space in Confluence, and set the theme of that space to Theme Builder with the selected layout =default. When I view this space in IE, I dont get the vertical scroll bar at all.

            1. What version of IE?

              1. Unknown User (lumina)

                IE 7.0, thanks

                1. Unknown User (lumina)

                  I was wondering if you are able to determine the cause of this Theme Builder problem and IE 7.0. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

                  1. Thanks for the bug report, we will look into it and roll the fix into Builder 4.1.0.

                    1. Unknown User (lumina)

                      Thank you Alain

  4. Unknown User (

    After installing Builder 4.0.2 in my Confluence 3.2 instance, I clicked on browse space. The tabs/options for: Pages, Blogs, Pages, Attachments, Bookmarks, Mail, and Advanced are not showing anywhere but the Space Admin option (shown as a tab in my past layout) is showing in the Edit -> Administration menu. Is this a configuration issue?