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This is a newbie question and I am hoping for some suggestions. I am setting up a forums space using the Theme Builder 4.0.2 and have structured the space in the following hierarchy

  • Level 1 - Forums Summary: this provides summary of all the individual forums created in level 2
    • Level 2 - Individual Forum; this is the individual forum area
      • Level 3 - Individual Topic for Individual forum

In the navigation section of the theme builder, I would like setup additional menus that only show at Level 3 (i.e. at the topic level) in the View mode. These menus will contain items like  Set Sticky, Edit page, remove page etc. I am planning on using the Builder -show macro with the compound menu item macro. As the individual topics are a child of the forum, my question - is there a way to identify whether the page is a child page of a forum, so that I can then show the menu items to the child pages only.

Any help will be greatly appreciated !



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    1. Unknown User (lumina)

      Ahhhh got it thank you very very much (smile) you guys are genius (smile)

      1. You think that's good ... you should try out our Pricing (wink)

        With a support contract in place it allows us to fix those niggling type mismatch & scrollbar errors in a reasonable time-frame, rather than wait for us to have enough free time to get around to it ... you are also likely to be able to trigger a back-port rather than having to wait for confluence 3.3 to be released so that you can use the fixed Builder 4.1!

        1. Unknown User (lumina)

          Thanks Alain, we will look into it, we are sort of new to this and are trying to understand various aspects of Conflunce, plugins and their support (smile)