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I've recently upgraded from
Confluence 2.10 Theme builder 3.3.4-Conf210
Confluence 3.0.0_01 Theme builder 3.3.5-M3-conf210

Now the Problem I'm having is my theme only works on my Dashboard and only one space. (i dont see any difference between the spaces)

all the other pages have:

Access Keys:Skip to content (Access Key - 0)

at the top and all the formatting is messed up.

Any advise ?

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  1. Upgrade to 3.3.5 FINAL ... I would assume that the plugin repository still has its issues with the dependancies (atlassian are working on a solution), so you will need to download it manually and install it through plugins.action rather than the repository.

    I generally uninstall the old version first before uploading the new file.

  2. Unknown User (red jay)

    Ive installed 3.3.5-conf210 and the result is the same.

    1. For detailed debugging of layout issues you would need to take out a support contract ... try testing with the DEFAULT layout, then try copying across pieces of your layout one by one and seeing when it breaks.

      1. PS: a nice, simple way of copying over pieces of your layout is to save a backup of the layout you want to duplicate, then a backup of your empty layout, and copy over chunks of xml from the original to your empty backup, upload and test (wink)

    2. Unknown User (red jay)

      i even get the "Access Keys:Skip to content (Access Key - 0)"

      even with the default layout.